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One of the important criteria when choosing a metal detector is the operating frequency of the device. In this case, the capabilities of the main unit are included – the actual operating frequency is determined by the characteristics of the installed coil.

The general rule in this matter is: the higher the frequency, the smaller the objects the metal detector can recognize, and the shallower the detection depth. Note that most models do not support a single value, but rather a range.

Based on detection frequencies, metal detectors can be divided into the following groups:

up to 5 kHz – search for mainly large metal objects at great depths;

from 6 to 10 kHz – universal equipment that already “catches” fairly small objects such as coins at medium depths;

11 to 15 kHz – search for small objects at shallow depths (coins, jewelry, etc.);

From 15 kHz and above – look for the smallest objects (in particular, nuggets) located close to the soil surface.

Metal Detector for diving and underwater use
How to use a metal detector right

Besides the detection frequency, the shape and size of the coil play an essential role in the search. Thus, oval-shaped models with a diameter of 9-12 inches are the most convenient to use – these reels are excellent for both beginners and experienced drillers.

These types of coils often come standard with a metal detector. The search depth and speed also depend on the file size. Small coils (5-9 inches) are better at “seeing” small objects, but are unable to look deeply into the ground. Large files (13-20 inches) end deep, but they don’t do a good job of indicating the exact location of the object, which is why you have to drill a larger hole.

Choosing Your First Metal Detector In 2023

Choosing the right metal detector

If this is your first purchase metal detectors, consider getting some professional and expert tips to ensure that you make the right choice. Metal detectors usually come with complete control box containing the controls and circuits, batteries and microprocessor and the speaker. It also includes metal detectors, search shaft that connect to the coil and the control box. Search coil senses the metal and the unit responsible for the maintenance of stability when being moved.

Tesoro COMPADRE metal detector

Tesoro metal detectors

There are two types of metal detectors Tesoro. Max Tesoro golden metal detector is a device that lets you specify what to search for. Features like audio tone ID four with adjustable “notch filter marked”, great sensitivity, and comes with full design depth. And the other type is Tesoro DeLeon metal detector, designed to determine the detector (Ted).

White metal detector s Prizm 6T

Whites metal detectors

There are different types of white metal detectors to choose from such as: DFX ™, great model ultimately combines simplicity and go on with the thorn technology advanced microprocessors. This includes the operating frequency of 3 kHz and 15 kHz recommended amazingly. XLT metal detector, detector, which provides high performance with better flexibility. You can choose from five different programs that come with 20 options and basic adjustments 1o. The three separate operating units MXT, which include jewellery/coin and relic, and processing of gold. There is also a Prizm series. This series includes all types of Prizm II, III, IV and v. Each of these contains the status turns to zero when in the target location.

Metal Detecting Beginners

Metal detector Fisher

The model is 1266-X of Dr. Gerhard Fisher, who got the first aircraft radio direction finders during the late 1920 ‘s. This detector allows you to search and drill deep. Although this detector are good, clearly does not work on surfaces. It comes with manual and warranty for 5 years.

Garrett Ace 150 metal detector

Garrett metal detectors

There are three models to choose from: “Garrett Super scanner”, a metal detector that lets you discover the medium gun down to the smallest piece of jewelry. Unmatched simplicity. I ran sobirwand, this is one of the most famous detectors. This detector has maximum precision in the detection of metal objects and weapons with uniform sensitivity area covers scan 360 •. and, finally, “I ran the scanner Magna PD walk across”, which has unique features in the scan of the site such as the detection of moltikoel and highlights the field of ultra-enhanced. Amazing feature that it can tell the exact location of the metal object into distinct areas.

bounty hunter metal detectors

Bounty Hunter metal detectors

Track IV, this model includes an “automatic ground tracking is included which is able to maintain the balance of the Earth. The good thing about this disclosure is not only is it offered at a very reasonable price, but also it’s easy to use and can achieve effective and efficient performance in different applications.
This is the well-known detectors offered in the market. Choosing the right metal detector will depend on your own domain for use and study.

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