Coin collect how do I clean dirty coins

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Coin collect how do I clean dirty coins,What to clean coins? Cleaning coins-is the process of removing a layer of dirt and the effects of more or less important than oxidation.

The easiest way to remove the dirt. It can be removed by washing with warm water and SOAP or with a soft brush. Moreover, this method is well suited for all monetary metals.

Harder with removal of oxidation. Because in this case it is necessary to consider the nature of the metal cash. If the gold is enough to wash with warm water and SOAP. If silver, it is recommended to know sample alloy coin. Also an effective means of solution ammonia acid intervenes.

Low silver can be cleaned by immersion for several hours in lemon juice. But in all cases with cleaning silver by a simple, affordable and rubbing a coin.

How to clean gold with stones

All copper coins washed in warm water and SOAP. The easiest way to clean copper coins immersing them in 5.10% acid. Appropriate vinegar also simple. Depending on the situation, the size and type of plaque, must keep the coins in vinegar from several minutes to several hours or even longer. As is the case with silver. To use this method of cleaning, we must first understand that with a layer of oxide on the single currency. Devastating for all currencies-what is called “patina” (copper green). These toxic oxide layer on the copper acetate, which seems to be under the influence of steam of acetic acid, which reacts with oxygen. Education Zanzibar and silver with a high copper. This leads to what is called “flowers”, which is difficult to remove. Generally best left to clean copper coins to a specialist.

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It is quite another-a layer of oxides formed on metal surface under the influence of oxygen and carbon acids and salts. It does not invalidate the one coin, but on the contrary, keep it. The appearance of good value, they are often evidence of validity. Patina, it maintains the single currency, to eliminate it is not recommended.

Coin collect how do I clean dirty coins

Should never be cleaned dirty money because doing so is often greatly reduced the value of the currency.

Be careful especially approach requires money, iron and zinc. To clean these coins featured in hydrochloric acid diluted with subsequent brush with copper. It is recommended these types of money very carefully, and the tip of a knife or a scalpel to remove rust and white. The next step is cleaning coins is the friction forces very well with a piece of cloth or felt, and thick fabric. If you go to hydrochloric acid processing, you have to be very careful with concentration, because if an excessive focus on image work-can simply “burn”.

After handling money hydrochloric acid should be washed in warm, soapy water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Not recommended currency lead, Tin or aluminum to clean using chemicals. Minor effects of pollution can be removed the so-called glass brush. In addition to the friction felt or cloth.

After cleaning the coins from any metal copious warm water rinsing must and cold to prevent repeated damage to the surface.