Gold Extraction

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Atomic number gold

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How Gold Is Measured

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There are primitive ways in gold extraction is to filter small pieces of gold by water and other methods using machine
This alsortmthl some ways to extract and extract gold
Information on how gold gold extraction from the soil or stones or impurities
Yellow metal shining as blocks can reverse light either his blades tortillas appears green or blue. Either gold section finely subtle — like other metal powder-black features while there are other types of gold color ranges between Sapphire and purple. 

Gold comes in transitional Group No. (11) of the periodic table, the atomic number (79), atomic weight (196.967), and a weight of qualitative (19.3). And the fusion temperature of gold (1063) ° c and boil at 2500 c. Gold good conductor of heat and electricity, and as such cannot be surpassed only in silver and copper. 
Gold Extraction
History of gold metal
Gold was prevalent in many parts of the globe, in addition to its free nature, and hyperbole and use cash price in various regions of the world became know more knowledge of other metals. The natural qualities have made him famous, common metal in many books and many prospectors and miners. In the fourth century Hijri/Gregorian x, Islamic civilization peaked deficiency Caliphs are decorated with various types of gems and minerals that brought from various parts of the sprawling Islamic State, like many chemists in ways the purification of metals. Peronist stated in his book algmahr know gems gold purification methods is not much different from the methods used today. It mentions in the Peronist gold mining and filter: “some of the pure gold with fire either melting alone or distortion named cooking, good find because he called Mukhtar captures metal sectors called zakaah due and focus if the metal pieces either silver or gold metal, perhaps not without a shop, she delivered him so dreadfully alabris filter for abstract, proves on weight.”
Peronist comes explain gold purification when mixed with soil or in large stones, describes the method used to extract gold which similar dirt walhagrosva accurate is not much different than it is now. It says: “perhaps the gold United stone like a foundry with him needed to accurately, Mills kill him but balmshagn most desirable accuracy and reported extensively even reportedly exacerbated redness, it is truly surprising wondrous, walmshagn stone tight columns to knock out passports to piped water to the chiming, as in Samarkand in Dak cannabis in alkwaghd, if endaq the essence of gold crushed, acknowledged on its stones and all the Gold Mercury, then age piece skin until mercury from pole, fly what remains of it The fire, called gold Mercurial wemzbka and gold reached the end not quite behind them conclude, as happened to me a few times, distortion does not affect a significant impact test hardly regard him, and almost never blocked him out of football, takes the rigid inflatable down, most likely in almschfranh of soft gold. “
Peronist touches to old method used by Indians in catching gold by mercury, and explains this way explanation accurate conciliator, says: “water bond Elmar on weihnd Reed alkandahar when India in Gold River, and some even do not praise his water for this reason and many principles called Moo, then if is gathering called black his sincerity any karesh, a very competitive for depth, and if finished to align post fetish Schimmel in Kashmir marked the spot on the Powell called a water bond … In many places where digging havirat, in water and resolution is being over Mercury imlounha turns up and squint performed the zaebkha gold. This is because the water in its sharp streaming carries sand with gold, as mosquito wings paper and smaller, passes by mercury, attached gold leaves that sand goes. ” Then gold finds of mercury the way mentioned by biruni.
Recently gold purification
The newly separated gold purification dust and silt and other impurities by strong water currents remove Sandy walgharinet minutes, remaining minutes gold in place due to the high density of gold and mercury used to melt gold without sand and silt. And then finds Gold Mercury distillation. As can be seen when a copper mining gold and silver. Chemical methods to extract gold which tightens as the cyanide method, or melt the silver alloys in concentrated sulphuric acid and nitric acid gold purification and electrolysis