Gold Nuggets Detector Gold Bug Pro Fisher-USA

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Gold nuggets detector Gold Bug Pro is a higher model of the Gold Bug is designed more balanced ground features, very good for experienced users to use for the various land.

Gold Bug Pro is unique among the gold detector, gold prospectors have the combination of high sensitivity to small gold nuggets and find more flexible functions as an air search for the treasure.

The controls and features are designed for prospecting gold, including: advanced system ground balance, control and signal threshold increases, and discrimination.

Gold Nuggets Detector Gold Bug Pro Fisher-USA

Gold Nuggets Detector Gold Bug Pro Fisher-USA

This feature also makes the detector can be used for hunting relics, especially when the machine is equipped with optional coil 11 “DD.

Gold Bug Pro is equipped with a small coil 5 “standard, the design of this coil is the best and most relevant to search for gold nuggets (Has a very low conductivity). Because of the small size coils should be easy to use in small spaces where the gold is usually hidden, and better suited to penetrate into the region has high mineral soil where gold is usually found, and have the highest sensitivity to small gold nuggets that can be found.

Mechanical structure: bar S electrical box mounted controls, design 3 removable bars, no metal in the lower bar (Lower rod), can adjust the location of the handrail
Weight: 2 lbs (2 pound ~ 900 g), 8 oz (8 ounce ~ 240g) battery install
Search coil: 5 “(12.7 cm), waterproof
Batteries: use a battery 9v Akaline can be up to hơn15h
Active principles: follow the principle of balancing magnetic low frequency VLF
Operating frequency: 19 Khz, crystal controlled
Overload response: 10.000 micro-cgs (with standard coil)
Impedance Overload: 1.200 micro-cgs (with standard coil)
To strip ground balance: From ground to ground water with salt-containing ferrite
Metal discrimination mode
Ground balance automatically or manually
Operating temperature:-10° C to + 50 degrees C
Humidity: 0-90%, non-condensing

Do not use indoors. Gold nuggets detector Gold Bug Pro Fisher-USA only for outdoor use. Many appliances emit electromagnetic energy can affect the detector. If an experiment conducted in the home, turn the Gain down and keep the search coil (search coil) away from devices such as computers, TV and microwave. If the detector emits beeps, turn off electrical equipment and lights at the same time keep the wire away from the objects containing metal, such as floors and walls.

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