Golden King Plus metal detector

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Golden King Plus metal detector

Golden King DPR Plus metal detector is equipped with features that allow to obtain excellent results in searches and underground explorations. It is also equipped with a 3D digital signal processing function, which is able to determine the intensity of the signal, the depth of the target, the type of metal being detected and its form, so it can be used as detector, gold and other valuable metals, likewise makes a distinction between an underground cavity and a buried metal. The Golden King DPR Plus is very good for the detection of tombs and other non-metallic objects thanks to their ability to detect empty spaces.

Golden King Plus metal detector

Thanks to its technological qualities, the Golden King is capable of detecting objects up to 8 m deep. It is also able to discriminate between metals, between objects in iron and trash metal (sheets, cans, etc.) and objects of gold, silver and other precious metals.
You can configure the team so that it not detect objects from iron or metal trash, so that the search is more effective.
DVD quality video camera lets you get to dark or locations of water as: caves, wells, tunnels, lakes, etc. The Golden King DPR Plus is also equipped with a sensor of gas which is of great help to protect themselves from the gases produced by the oxidation of metals buried. The Golden King Plus is one of the favorites by operating in Peru and South America metal detectors.
Main features:
Three coils for different purposes: to search for small objects, general search and deep search (up to 8 m depth).
Intelligent detection system that controls all the movements of the user.
3D images.
Interactive and easy to use menu.
Easy to use, can be operated intuitively.
7 ” LCD high-resolution screen.
Mode screen against the glare of the Sun.
Hi-fi stereo headphones.
DVD quality with aquatic and night vision video camera, has 30 m of cable.
Gas sensor which detects methane.
Manual and Instructional Video in Spanish.
Rechargeable lithium battery.
Coil 24 cm x 32 cm (12.5 “) for surface search.
Coil 36 cm x 44 cm (17 ”) for general search.
Coil of 60 cm x 100 cm (39 ”) for deep search.
Gas sensor.
Video camera, night vision, and aquatic has 30 m of cable.

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