How to read Roman currency

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How to read Roman currency
We often wonder of Roman coins of this currency and no emperor could be back much has eroded as a result of time, very difficult to determine the age of this currency
To read the Romanian currency be written as Emperor in most, but not all
Lnakhez, for example, the currency and we watch for this

How to read Roman currency









How to read Roman currency









Written on the daier is
The first three characters are
Means Emperor
The letter c often occurrence can be seen as a shortcut to Caesar
Followed by the name of the Emperor
Identifying name can find this emperor
And is
The Romans often used the letter v u character allowance
And the meaning of three specific characters
Augustus or any big or ruling Augusta emperor or Empress
The “pf”
Pius Felix, “benevolence and wisdom”
In the latter was writing
And mean
Imperator Caesar Maxentius Pius Felix Augustus
And soon we will all existing shortcuts on Roman coins


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