Investing in precious metals

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Investing in precious metals

By the precious metals are gold, platinum, silver and palladium, but the most popular precious metal is gold investee . There are several ways of investment in precious metals.

1. Purchase of the precious metal in banks

If you choose this method of investing is to consider two aspects . First – if you buy gold bullion bars in the bank are subject to VAT at the rate of 18% of the total cost. The second – the sale of the bank ingot subject to income tax at the rate of 13%. Thus, only the cost necessary to ingot rose by 30%. Therefore, the purchase of gold bars – not the most profitable way to invest

2 . The acquisition of precious coins

Precious coins are divided into two groups – investment and memorable .

The market value of investment coins depends on the value of the precious metal contained in them , and of allowances , which covers the cost of minting and their implementation. The best-known investment coins are the ” gold pieces “, which contains 7.7 grams of pure gold.

Commemorative coins – coins is limited edition and of value to collectors, coin collectors .

3 . ” Metal ” bank account

” Metal ” account is divided into two types:

– Impersonal “metal” account (DMA ) – a kind of currency deposit , where the exchange serves number of grams of the precious metal . Typically, the interest charged is very low – up to 4 %, so the profit is only if the precious metal will rise in price.

– Custody Accounts ( SOH. ) opening an account in a bank escrow , investor transfers the bank to deposit its available bullion . The bank will return the bars to the client on demand , or as directed by the client to transfer metal to another account . In addition , the customer can use the precious metals bullion as collateral for the loan. This option does not make investment income investor – the bank simply takes possession precious metal , and the client must regularly pay the bank deposit.

4 . Purchase of securities backed by gold

This method of investing is relatively new. It not only provides income from investments , but is not subject to VAT . Issue of shares backed by gold , made ​​by the World Gold Council (WGC), which was created by the world’s largest gold mining companies .

5 . The acquisition of the shares of gold mining companies

This method of investing is to purchase and subsequent operations with securities on the stock exchange. Income depends on the growth in the value of purchased shares. In turn, the increase in the cost depends on the price of gold , and of the financial performance of the company. Also provides for the acquisition of shares in dividend payments.

Investments in precious metals are long term and do not provide a quick capital gains. But , at the same time , such investments are quite reliable and profitable part .