Is it possible to make gold

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Is it possible to make gold?-Nowadays artificial gold was possible to get in the bombing of protons or neutrons, such as mercury nuclei. The case for “small”, you only need to accelerate protons, neutrons to speeds equal to the speed of light. Such enormous speed can be obtained only in particle accelerators.

In 1941, Harvard University, USA, from alchemists favorite releases from nuclear transformation was obtained first artificial gold. However, it was his radioactive isotopes, which in a few days again turned to mercury. 6 years later, after many experiments, in 1947, scientists were able to get 35 mg sustainable gold (Au-197), which in these days is stored as an exhibit in Chicago’s Museum of the United States.

Is it possible to make gold
Is it possible to make gold

Now well established that the conversion into gold is possible only two elements: mercury and platinum. Attempts to make gold out of lead, thallium, tin, silver, and even – are doomed to failure.
It became possible to make gold, but you need to obtain it for a few seconds to keep the temperature in the sun and the pressure in the depths of the stars. The cost of the resulting gold mercury, by the nuclear reaction is thousands of times higher than the conventional natural gold extracted from most gold ores poor!

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