Power of the smoke detectors

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Power of the smoke detectors

Each smoke detector works with different power sources. Smoke alarms that work with 9 volt battery are very popular because of its low cost; However, it should be recalled that it is necessary to change the battery regularly.

There are also available smoke detectors with 120 Volt and battery detectors with lithium long life (10 years). Many State and local building codes require the installation of smoke detectors connected to 120 Volt with a replacement battery in if there are power outages. The interconnection feature that all smoke detectors are connected each other. This is important especially in multi-storey dwellings or apartment buildings. The smoke detectors with high-intensity strobe light are available for people with hearing impairment.

Regardless of the type of detector or selected alarm, it is essential to carry out a proper installation and proper maintenance of the device. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for installation, testing and maintenance. The recommends replacing the batteries at least once a year for the units battery operated and testing them monthly to verify proper operation of the alarm. Many users use timetable change in spring and autumn as a reminder to change the battery.

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