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spy camera detector

Detectors spy cameras in hotels and other

Specifications and characteristics of spy camera detector  on women’s concerns and hotels
With the proliferation of intrusive devices, wired and wireless spy cameras for various types and forms and what risks they cause our and our families by some playboys and hackers and mischief and finding faults and idiosyncrasies people to damage them offer you today one of the most modern and efficient in the fight against a global comprehensive spy ware detection and locating various types of spy devices and their frequencies in hotels, homes and offices and the like.

-This device is featured can detect the following:

1. camera lenses with intermittent laser technology even if the camera is connected to a power source.
2. Wifi devices and wireless signals of different frequencies of 1 MHz to 6000 MHzwi

-Some characteristics of the device:

1. discover all kinds of cameras, wired and wireless signals.
2. cover: plastic hardener
3. lens: infrared lens.

Method of use:

There are several options
1: intense red laser lights to detect all kinds of wired and wireless hidden cameras.
Option 2: detect Spy ware devices wireless cameras and track and locate mobile phones and jamming devices at frequencies from 1 MHz to 6 GHz.
Equipped with a wired headset while the need for quiet, red laser light can be adjusted depending on the sensitivity of detection.

Detector and wireless spy cameras

spy camera detector-metal detectors for gold



This device to detect micro spy cameras, all you have to do is steer the machine around the place where the device can detect weaker wireless signals from spy cameras and determine its physical location.

Hidden camera detector


Hidden camera detector-metal detectors for gold

Hidden camera detector-metal detectors for gold



And this tiny device comes in to help you detect the presence of any of those cameras or audio listening devices, once passed near the walls or the ceiling or where you suspect it, and when the device detects no signal will be issued an alert. The device can detect frequencies of 50 MHz and GHz.

GSM bug detector

GSM bug detector-metal detectors for gold

GSM bug detector-metal detectors for gold

This device to detect surveillance cameras, mobile phones and wireless tapping devices, which contains 4 bulbs to indicate signal strength or near your spy ware.
Once you detect this device for listening device, it adds Flash to your tapping and beeps, the less distance between you and your tapping faster lighting Flash high alarm sound.
The device can also detect radar speed control waves when approaching them, and can detect devices that operate on frequencies between 1 MB and 6 GHz.
The device works on two small viable shipping and works the vibrator or the sound discretion of the user and does not need to keep pressing the button to explore where you can leave it always works.

OSC 5000

OSC 5000-metal detectors for gold

OSC 5000-metal detectors for gold

And under the name of countermeasures for counter-intelligence to find this device, which represents a breakthrough in detecting wiretaps not only on individuals but also Governments themselves rely on detection of listening devices, this device is called “OSCOR 5000”, which is the most effective and worth in the market where it’s a listening and full removable slip and scripting.
“The OSCOR 5000 is a control system for surveillance and spying, designed on the basis of spectral analysis, which automatically and continuously the scanning of all ranges and all the silent slip listening devices and capture all references encountered in memory for later review.


The device is a complete mobile device test “ECM” in one bag for easy carrying and transporting as hand luggage.
This device is designed to detect all major audio signal types and frequencies of sound transmission including regular waves, infrared, where the device contains a highly sensitive digital future is scanning and tuning of waves (10 kHz to 3 GHz) and infrared (850 nanometers to 1070 nanometers)
Machine size 47x36x15 cm and a weight not exceeding 10 kg.
The device works on normal power 210-260 Volt and DC 12-18 Volt
It has an internal battery 12 volt device can work for 3 hours

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