The secret treasure of minerals and search through

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The secret treasure of minerals and search through, and high prices to buy metal detectors only find happiness

Healthy and strong metal search to find those

And many favorite enthusiasts everything they found, regardless of the thing is what


The secret treasure of minerals and search through


There are a wide variety of booty


As a ghost, and walked quietly 1/2 sand sculpture on the beach. Walking quietly confused: they are looking for the mysterious treasure by children on the beach, so?


They are a group of researchers of the so-called “metal, metal with metal detectors searching for hidden, true rebel music. They tend to use big headphones themselves isolated from the whole world, tend to be happy to give curious children trailing the play cover.


We come to know such minerals researchers. Said Alex Kelly (Kelly Alex) is Captain of the San Francisco Bay area group research: “this is my Zen”. Like him, many metals research activity itself as a kind of practice, some type which allows them to bypass the daily mental and physical fatigue.


Mineral research, of course, is one thing, but the surprise is that this activity as a hobby but does have amazing. Search and in competition with each other to see who can find the hidden target in the shortest time possible. Like many of the members to attend meetings of the group from the Club, happily exchanged a number of interesting, like finding a lost wedding ring, or Dog feces intimate connection.


But this be able to explain why you’ll like a lot of people so obsessed with this activity? This may need to be considered from the point of view of schema Vin: Vin diagram to find the activity that allows you to find the intersection between escapism, and social experience, imagination, and outdoor activities, so it seems they look metal is good no doubt check-in such activity appears to be behind the boring set of ideas who are looking for fun in the easily overlooked.


Collect all


From the outside, these guys back and forth on the beach, and the search for minerals to find some anything of value, but in fact, the search for those who like to collect things they find, rather than selling them. In fact sometimes they will find some real “treasures”, such as a class, and the value of the jewelry treasures sometimes enough even to pay for their spending, and they even have to pay the cost of time. But you will see, there are many favorite enthusiasts everything they found, regardless of what the thing. Accidental lovers will be implemented among the barter, but money has never been the focus. A beloved point is the secret: “people will not understand if any reaction ‘ treasure ‘ psychological, such as gold or silver, and this kind of satisfaction” Alex: “it is simply awesome!”


Lovers to find something really different: to earrings and jewelry precious antique clocks that rusting car game, everything. The club but also from time to time to find things most valuable Member Award, which promotes a sense of achievement for members.


At the party, fans of each other to produce a variety of small things they find a group of surrealist scenes similar to the screen. California member of the squad, and even shows one found condoms used. This trophy quickly take photos of other members and spread of the Internet.


Metal detector search fun treasure


As captain, Alex almost every weekend to go near the Golden Gate Bridge in search of coins, until he finds a lot of coins from 100 years ago. After the San Francisco earthquake in 1906, has more than 25 million people from their homes. Put people in tents in temporary accommodation area later moved here left many “effects”, and some copper and other buttons, but sometimes there are gold coins here.


Gold is of course a good thing, and I like hackers and researchers. But it’s hard to find rare, because the signal is too weak, and often will be in other modern trash noise to cover up. When asked the likelihood to find treasures in the trash, the figures provided by the senior search: 1000 1.


Search by senior Alex every time I go to the garden to find gloves, on the one hand, to maintain clean hands, on the other hand, it is also difficult to deal with the incident in order to prevent possible. In order to understand which sites are most likely would be in the possession of the “treasures”, with Alex and other members of the group to consult old maps, old photographs, take a look at the park where the camp site when the population is concentrated, these sites are more supposed there might be some clues left behind.


Even “sneaky” exert more efforts to increase the sense of mystery and fun activities, and if they do what you want, follow a treasure map search that characterized the old site X. in fact, Alex with the modern version of “treasure map”-Download IPHONE and GPS coordinates interpretation for “high value” router, follow the guidelines of the satellite before the line.


Alex generally is not easy and the other to share information, but only with partners who share in its ranks. He said, “you don’t tell anyone you find specific locations for the child, and this is like looking for the true treasures.” this scenario reminds us to gold rush San Francisco people, a time when there are such rules. Although less than before, but still glowing the old rules with tenacious vitality. To search, and others said the location specified, equivalent to “baby” to abandon. 


Bottomless pit equipment
And many other hobbies equipment, metal research who have also “. And hobbies and other equipment such as input equipment this is a bottomless pit-some of the most advanced metal detectors at a price of more than US $ 1, 500. Of course, as a rookie and equipment on the cheap, at around $ 350.
Metal detectors are very sensitive, and some of the more advanced models can even define different types of minerals and the issuance of a warning signal. This is why the search for those who must wear headphones, and listen carefully to any case in which a gang of reason. The sound of the various means of various valuable objectives appear, they do not want to miss anything interesting. Of course, in addition to major equipment, such as shovel mining tools is essential.
David Clark (David Clark) 6 years ago started to participate in this event, in order to have more time to invest. So I turned off his own company. He said: “when five years ago, we met all the treasure hunt the Golden Gate bridge when I have to work, so I said to myself, ‘ well, it was decided that!” he said, closing the company, joined in, and a small group of Bay area soon became one of the most enthusiastic players search for treasure.
Clark is most proud of is that painstakingly gathering more than 100 objects, including some amulets such as. More incredible is that a lot of people think that after death and cremation and the ashes will be placed in the most comprehensive manner disappeared-the physical and all fully integrated in nature. In fact, each corpse before burning, there will be metal, identity cards and search profiles found on the beach this metal plate. Detection of squad member such as Dennis Wilson (Wilson Dannis), it brought together more than 150, 000 kinds of currencies, and a total of 20 bodies were burned identity cards. A very precise action was also a special report on the box, these cards.
Research is generally between families, but sometimes a dispute or conflict, but for them, the biggest difficulty is not from internal conflict, but external constraints: Government to protect the ecological environment, and the establishment of protected areas and legislation to restrict or even prevent access to certain beaches and park areas, and these areas were formerly very popular treasure hunting ground. He complained of this research, and think they are though that the original intention of the protection of the environment, but a bit overrated, and think they are from time to time to go treasure hunting what damage would not be interested in the ecological environment.
Still marked treasure hunt by drilling through the infection, more and more children to participate in, to toil, but maybe unintentionally time that people will bear in mind.

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