Xp Deus Vs Garrett Euroace Metal Detecting Reviews

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Fully wireless metal detector. All the elements, the coil control unit and headphones connected via digital radio, providing an unprecedented earlier ease of operation. Primary processing of information is happening right in the coil, which provides high sensitivity and inductive coupling. Then come to the control unit DEUS or directly to the headphones, so you can use the detector without control unit. The bar has a unique design. Consisting of 3 elements, it does not understand, and yet collapsed has a length of only 58 cm! The control unit can be mounted on both the post and placed in a pocket or waist pouch. When placed on the Panel is attached to the rod with a magnet and it is very reliable.

The patented construction XP Deus are 3 elements: the search coil, wireless remote control, wireless headphones, a feature of which is that they are associated with the entire system through a digital radio channel. Metal Detecting the wet foreshore with the Deus and the EuroAce, showing some differences between a cheaper machine compared to a more expensive machine. Just showing the truth and not trying. xp deus vs garrett at pro, xp deus vs ctx 3030, xp deus vs spectra v3i, xp deus vs minelab safari.

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