airport security metal detector

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For safety at each airport scanners are installed. Fundamentally they are divided into two types: Walk through metal detectors, the so-called framework, and scanners that create a full image of the human body on the screen. The latter are considered to be more efficient to search for bringing prohibited items on board.

Unlike the frame metal detector, passing through which a person leaves no footprints “, pass through the scanner creates a picture very similar to nudity. Airport security services argue that anonymity fully respected-scanner operator did not see the person who scanned images are not saved.

Body scanners are based on two different principles. The first of them is similar to the x-ray machine, but the rays don’t pass through, and reflected. Different density materials are displayed in different colors. Less dense-skin, muscles, and more bright-tight metal-dark. For more information on this scanner, you must do two shots: front and rear. The full name of this scanner-x-ray scanner based on inverse scattering (Backscatter x-ray).

airport security metal detector

airport security metal detector

The second full-size scanner uses in its work of millimetre wave waves radiated by two rotating antennae around the person. Clothing and other similar materials are transparent to the radiation scanner and the image is very clear and detailed, far more realistic than from the x-ray scanner.

Distinguish between a scanners is very simple. Magnetic photo frame-metal detector looks like the letter “p”, through which we must pass, and scan the body has to stop. X-ray scanner is similar to two booths, which raises the passenger and microwave scanner is a small transparent cubicle where momentarily pass around the antenna.

Safety and health

The manufacturers claim that both types of scanners are completely safe. Microwave scanner you can compare with radiation from a mobile phone, and an x-ray gives the same exposure as a 2 minute flight on an airplane. Despite such assurances, the x-ray scanner used at airports are much less common, and children and pregnant not spend through it. While large studies on microwave health security checks and x-ray scanners were launched. Latest publications from scientists from different countries have expressed concern about the possible effect of scanners on neoplasm and mutations in DNA. But there is no paper trail.

The second biggest problem is the reluctance of passengers scanners show themselves dehumanize even anonymous operator. Programs serving scanners, there is technical possibility to save acquired images, but all countries, like technology, Unfortunately it turned out that the pictures of airports are stored on computers, and operators already have the diversion of such images.

If you do not want to be inspected on the scanner with a detailed image, you may refuse passage through it (opt out). Since admission to flight is impossible without certain security screening procedures at most airports instead of scanning will be offered a manual search. Inspection is carried out by one security officer with the passenger floor and doesn’t require privacy in cubicle or undressing. Inspection technology differs from country to country.

In the United States until recently, regulations required a manual inspection of the back of the hand, but the latest instructions changed the rules-now feeling thumbs. Upon cancellation of a screening at the airports United States unexpected problems down to calling the police.

Domodedovo Airport manual inspections is no different from a secondary inspection after the activated detector and the denial of passage through the scanner does not cause any problems or additional questions.

In case of manual inspection or otherwise unacceptable, there remains one option, renouncing the flight through a specific airport, where the installed scanner.

A new type of scanner in Russia stands at Domodedovo Airport for about 3 years. This microwave scanner L3 Provision. At Sheremetyevo installed similar, but they are not always used and passengers spend through a familiar frame.

Most scanners installed in the United States. Now in American airports is almost 500 scanners, and 500 more will appear during the 2011 year. At airports in New York (JFK), Chicago (ORD) stand scanners using x-ray radiation, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles-microwave. In Europe, the scanners installed in Amsterdam, London (LHR), Hamburg, Manchester.

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