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This device has the characteristics of high precision and smooth handling and easy-to-use this device works on radar imaging system scan to detect all types of gold
Specifications and techniques:
• Works with sophisticated radar imaging system, which specializes in detection of gold and other precious metals and caves.
• Works on a computer system installed on your color computer shows all the data and coordinates quickly
• The device works on a 3-d program, shows a metal type and a new stereoscopic
• Works on the latest software and techniques to give comprehensive and reliable results. 
• An expert system to measure the depth of the metal surface and thoroughly the centimeter and can store data in internal memory stores all user surveys that photographed 20
This device was designed by world-class, working to fit anywhere in the world
• Works in all weather conditions and ground and is not affected by soil topography
• Tracking systems and clarify the reference to the user, and how to penetrate the reference to soil is illustrated by the digital meters
• Indicators of light and sound make sure that the device and the validity of his work
• Indicators of light and sound are in an error state in the process of exploration and surveying, and describes the type of error on the screen directly
• Has a lot of experience on the device by the manufacturer 12 years before release.
• Can the new metal detectors of all kinds
• Equipped with sensitive one for surveys
• SQL Tuning keys are located on the main organ through which the seizure and analysis and move from one program to another
• The device works on English and Arabic only
• Regulations and special software to control the sound power and light intensity control
• Works on battery 12 volt rechargeable with home electric charger and car charger
• Up to a depth of 10 meters under the ground
• Gives reliable results up to 100% after many experiments and research
• Detection of device metal yktabeh metal name directly on the screen and show the form with a hologram
• Cancelling feature iron through special settings we can cancel detection of ferrous metals permanently
Hardware components
The main unit of the device consists of a computerized screen high definition color appear and illustrate the device fully
Also contains the main unit at all exact and play keys.
• Sensitive scanner length 44 meters and 36 meters.
• Bag to prevent the main unit and was able to carry the device easily
• A large bag to contain and store the device with full accessories
• 12 volt battery
• 220V electric charger
• Charger for the device installed in the vehicle
• Headphones
• Ensure that for two years