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The PMR-II evolved at the same theory of Precision-Master Rod, along with improvements that make it a completely new instrument. The PMR-II uses the power Chamber, a powerful combination of crystals of minerals, along with radioactive material for activation.


We believe that you will be thrilled with the results of this new institution. The PMR II surpassed only by the PMR III. The unique double handle bearings allows perfect balance of the institution for stable operation. To deal with this handle, hold it as shown in pictures 2, with energy Chamber in straight.


Direct references of customers who worked the PMR II is positive. This includes 2 handle mounting posts with ball bearings, in which the body can rotate without friction. Also included and handle bearings for hand function.


To use the PMR II with single or double handle, place a sample of metal ore, or you’re looking for in the sample Chamber, and hold it as shown in pictures 2. When held in this way the body can freely move in the direction of treasure or ore.
The PMR-II works with faϊmper 24 inch handles and handle spring, just like the Precision Master Rod. The PMR-II can be used for research, gold, silver, diamonds, copper, mercury, lead or other metals and minerals. The reactions of customers is particularly satisfactory.


In our opinion all professional researchers ought to have an organ of this capacity in their possession. The PMR-II is one of the best rabdoskopika, and comes second only to the PMR III.


The PMR is the single rabdoskopias AIDS with radioactive ore for activation of the filling. Supplied with the accessories, are single handle, double handle, handle, handles 24 inch faϊmper, samples for research, one in gold and silver ore samples collection, containing 30 samples of precious metals and minerals, including copper ore, lead, Zink and full instructions. Anderson directed antennas only to people with rabdoskopikes skills.