Semiotics and analysis to search for burials

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Signal flag is a science that is inferred by human Finder site and place of treasure certain measurements

And field experience

Vary from a reference to another course type civilization that belong to the reference,

And geographical and geological terrain, and that the researcher should be aware of excellently, even knows with any land deals.

The point is nobody taught science through the ages, where science is taught in theory because of holding this scientific connotations and its lessons, are themselves who references and notation on burials, often higher orders, directing them to put those symbols and references to the folk or folk, it is not logic and natural that this person comes and reveals the whereabouts of the treasures, An exhibition that himself killed or threatened. Not to mention the purposes and objectives other than burial, and that we have a separate topic later, God willing, and will be at the top. So was the creation of so-called inheritance, “inheritance”, always prescribed him to teach, there is another area for publication is not inherited.

And through the ages and the evolution of human beings and communities, this science to the Arab and Islamic society, which was his home ground for creativity. But, alas it was posted wrong among a broad cross-section of people, surrounded by poor living conditions, and underdevelopment who they surround the larger proportion of treasure hunters in the Arab world. It has been dealing with matters of spirituality and the humbugs, and became fashion era, and winning trade that dreamed of dealing with their own and their secrets, and because there is magic in our world, and proven religiously, and atonement of deals, as this did not deter the public from dealing with sorcerers, and led to the exploitation of witches and sorcerers of the people, which tarnished the image of this upscale flag, Which is one of the finest and highest science and its savor.

And a blessing from God and Hamad, met a handful of Arab brothers, who each print was in their country this science and secrets, were from months of work with these high-end science, fear of God and obedience, sincerity, and love for others. Sporadic meeting was the beginning of the World Wide Web, one here, one there, that day came up and was putting them under one banner, and are combat magic and witchcraft in the first place. And dissemination of science knowledge reference function treasures among the people, and educate them scientifically and culturally and prevent them from messing States and their effects, is one of the most important goals.

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Solutions and references contained in the dictionary are the product of field experience in first class, as governed by the experience, plus measurement, but in this scientific measurement without field experience, and practical on earth comes less. Please the most please to anyone who wants to benefit from this dictionary only seen from behind screens, but to come down to Earth and finds Pam sample extent divergence between speech and action.




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