AREX -17

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Golden Sense

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Sphinx BM 901

Sphinx BM 901 IBM metal-901-designer to search for metal objects, location and depth. In a weak media, with the following Read more

A GPR x-3 2012

A GPR x-3 2012 Direct vision of what is hidden under the ground Painterly device directly from the best and Read more

SONAR 3D 2012

SONAR 3D 2012 Our new sonar device 2012 bilingual Arabic and English Latest photographic detector in the world developed and Read more

Discover gold and minerals and treasures, caves and underground relics and determines the type of metal, size, depth and format easy to use Lightweight works in all weather conditions.detectors for gold.detectors for gold
• A special system for determining which type of soil types suited soil structure
• Is in the rocks, basalt
• Discover gold and minerals and treasures and relics and caves and tombs
• Gives the minutes when there is a goal
• Cancellation of iron from search
• Battery 2 battery duration 12 hours
• Adjust automatic education
• This system works with 12.5 kHz frequency
detectors for gold,detectors for gold,detectors for gold