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installing smoke detectors

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best fire detectors for home, They are small and easy to install, operate at battery, require very little maintenance and cost little money. Smoke alarms – mandatory in some countries – prevent around 50% of domestic disasters generated by fire. For a little more than $ 200 can be installed in a housing a complete system of smoke detection, whose Terminal number will vary depending on the square meters of the House and the type of ceilings that this possesses. But independent, unitary, devices can be purchased at department stores.

How electrical smoke detectors work


One of the best options that you can install in your home or business alarm system is a smoke detection and heat detector. The use of a smoke detector in your security system alarm should always be understood as a preventive system.

Types of fire detectors

The most common detectors for the home are the photoelectric and ones that work by ionization, but there are also detectors of CO, CO2, thermostat, flames and heat, to name a few.

The optical or photoelectric detected smoke using the effects which it produces on the light. There are several types, including those based on the darkening of the light and its dissemination.

Ionisation detectors work by sensitivity to humidity, atmospheric pressure and particles suspended in the air. They react quickly if there is smoke (even not visible) and they are cheaper than the photoelectric type that, however give less false alarms.

properly installed and maintained, smoke detector is the only thing in your home that can alert you to you and your family about fire, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Whether you are awake or asleep, a working smoke detector is constantly on alert, analyzing the air to discover fire and smoke.

What type of fire detectors alarm is best for your home?