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canadian maple leaf gold coin – Many countries produce investment gold coins 1oz sold under market price of gold is very small commission payment . ” Maple ” or ” Maple Leaf ” – a Canadian version of this coin .

The history of  Maple Leaf

Canada became the first country was launched investment coins of pure gold. The very first edition of ” Maple Leaf ” , released in 1979 , contained only 1 troy ounce coins and gold alloy 999.0 ( purity of gold is 99.9%). In 1983, the sample was changed to 999.9 ( gold purity of 99.99 %). This may seem like a step towards investors , however, the change was so small that the Royal Canadian Mint did not even deign to raise the price of the coin. The difference between 999.9 and 999.0 virtually immeasurable.

canadian maple leaf gold coin



Family of  Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf  exists in five different sizes : 1 oz , 1/ 2 oz, 1/4 oz , 1/ 10 oz and 1/20 oz Feature of the ” Maple Leaf ” is that the obverse is not subject to mathematical laws . If the nominal value of the coin 1o z is 50 Canadian dollars, and the denomination of the coin, the tenth five Canadian dollars, quarters coin denomination is not contrary to the logic of 12.5 Canadian dollars and 10 Canadian dollars.


The obverse portrait of Elizabeth II, the nominal value and the year of issue.

National symbol of Canada maple leaf – it is obvious ornament for the reverse Canadian gold coin. The reverse side carries the size of coins and gold content .

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