waterproof Metal Detector Minelab CTX 3030 Pro

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waterproof Metal Detector Minelab CTX 3030 Pro

CTX 3030 waterproof detector , designed to search for treasure! It shows excellent performance on any type of terrain .

The color LCD display and advanced technology of discrimination and tracing purposes you will be able to discover more valuable finds – on the ground of any type, even at a very trashy areas . You are free to use the wireless audio transmission , versatile built-in speaker or headphones. Exclusive integrated GPS-navigator Minelab will allow you to plot a route to the selected sites , and record information about the location of finds. Carry information about their findings in Google Maps using the application XChange 2 for PC . With five preset modes of search and numerous automatic functions detector is easy to use and is suitable even for beginners – just turn it on and start searching . Jump to additional features provided for experienced hunters , is also very simple – you just have to press the button.

Metal Detector Minelab CTX 3030 Pro is great for finding coins and relics – he distinguishes great goal by a significant amount of visual information.

Metal Detector Minelab CTX 3030 Pro

Key Features

Water resistant . With this universal detector you can search for treasure in every terrain . Metal Detector Minelab CTX 3030 Pro is equipped with a waterproof shell , so you can detect targets both on land and under water to a depth of 3 meters.
Wireless transmission of audio signals. Now that the wire from the headphones will not interfere, you may feel more free during the search. The wireless module WM 10 You can use the built-in speaker , headphones that are supplied , or other headphones on your own.
The unique algorithm discrimination FeCo. With custom profiles tone ID, as well as a unique algorithm to detect targets in their content of iron (Fe) and conductivity (Co), you can detect the desired target, while the signal from the other goals will be muted. Functions ” Tracing goals ” and ” Separation of goals” to help detect multiple targets , which further increases the accuracy of search results .
Full color display . On a full color LCD display shows more information about the target than ever before, and it significantly enhances the discrimination the Metal Detector Minelab CTX 3030 Pro .
GPS- navigatsiya.S a mapping screen , and navigation will track where you have been before, and where are you going at this time.
GeoTrails show already surveyed the area .
WayPoints denote points of interest.
FindPoints represent Occurrences .
GeoHunts store information about all the route search.
Tracing route on the map with a PC (Google Maps) to download information about the parameters of the detector and the locations of finds on your PC using XChange 2 . Add text comments and photos of their finds, group them into categories. Browse the location of finds by Google Maps. You can also download the data to your detector to re- conduct research on the previously surveyed areas.
Quick menu ( and intelligence ) . Quick menu provides easy access to the settings that you can change during service . Smart features (sensitivity , detuning from the noise , the audio , the balance of the soil) , and customizable user button allows you to quickly adjust the most frequently used settings without stopping the search.
The ergonomic design. The design of the detector is perfectly balanced : the basic weight is the battery located behind the armrest , which allows for easy use of the device . You can adjust the detector in full accordance with their preferences .
Multi-language support . You can choose one of nine languages ​​: English, French, German, Italian, Polish , Portuguese, Russian , Spanish and Turkish.

First Hunt Metal Detecting MineLab CTX 3030


Key technologies

FBS 2 – a technology that uses a multicarrier signal for searching purposes and data transmission to the detector coil , allowing .
to detect more targets in areas with heterogeneous composition of the soil.
Technology Smartfind 2 uses digital signal processing and accurate discrimination FeCo, giving color information about the purpose of providing the best results and its detection.
Technology GPSi shows extremely high sensitivity and records information about the location of targets on the ground.
Wi-Stream technology provides a fast way audio over a wireless connection without loss of quality.

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