cctv security systems for home

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cctv security systems for home


CCTV stands for closed circuit television. And China Central television are used one or more video cameras to move video images and sometimes audio images to monitor a set of monitors or video. The difference between CCTV and standard is a standard TV openly broadcasts TV signals to the public. CCTV is not openly to the public. CCTV uses either wireless transmission or telecommunication transmission send transmission of video cameras to monitor (s) or recording device. Most CCTV systems used for security surveillance which can include spyware and monitoring and surveillance or for safety purposes.

CCTV cameras


cctv security systems for homeCCTV systems have become very popular over the past few decades as technology has improved and become more affordable. Most CCTV cameras per day and usually used for surveillance and security purposes. You can find CCTV systems in each bank, Casino, and shopping centers and supermarkets. In fact, CCTV systems are in reach of most smaller MOM and pop stores also CCTV systems and stores for security purposes.

Types of CCTV cameras


There are many types of CCTV cameras, and can be categorized by the types of images they are able to capture, and the amount of frames that can be taken per minute, and the type of connection to the monitor or video recorder, both were able to move position, particularly as it can provide jobs.


Image types: CCTV cameras generally either black and white or color video images. In addition, many CCTV cameras night vision up to capabilities that allow CCTV camera given to a record level in the light of the images for the use of technology.


Frames per second: frame per second means full amounts which video camera captures and sends to a recording device or monitor per second. While most CCTV camera systems are easily able to capture 30 or more frames per second (30 FPS and is in real time), and the amount of video or digital storage would be enormous to record every moment of everyday life. For most stores, so speed from 1 to 6 frames per second is more than enough to catch the offender and the offence.


Pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras: these types of CCTV cameras throughout the aqaba allows the person monitoring the area to move the camera from afar, usually with wire or wireless control. Most moveable cameras allow a person to move the camera from right to left (national), up and down (tilt) of narrow angle to a wide angle (near zoom).


Cameras with special extensions: CCTV cameras and some special assignments for special uses. For example, very low presence of surveillance cameras used for spying (nanny cams), there are cameras that are on the night of the show, and the vandal resistant cameras and cameras, are specifically for use indoor or outdoor.

Wired vs. Wireless connection

There are two main types of links to CCTV cameras to monitor or recording device, they consist of either a fixed or wireless cable.

Cable link fixed

Fixed cable connection means that the camera will be related physically screen or through a log message. Ilkka plate hub is typically used, in most cases it is similar to your normal home TV cables. Lengths come 25, 35, 50, 100 or 500 feet. It also increases the distance, you might see the signal quality degradation. Distances longer than 100 or 200 feet, you can buy higher quality coaxial cables such as RG59 coaxial cable for distances up to 600 feet, and distances of more than 600 feet, but less than 2,000 feet, you can purchase CAT5 cable.

Wireless connection

Most CCTV wireless cameras use 2.4 GHz frequencies transmitting video images or monitor the DVR (digital video recorder). Usually, a slight change can frequency for more than one set of cameras in space. CCTV wireless cameras used in this frequency easily through assignment of most walls and obstacles, but everywhere and will have operating limits. Expect most CCTV wireless cameras to send data to a group of about 200 feet, but many probably will work fine when transmitting less than 150 feet. There is a clear line of sight always work best


It is clear that the wireless link allows you more freedom to put a CCTV camera in your virtually anywhere. CCTV wireless cameras while transmitting video images and digital video recorder, or monitor many of these types of cameras and must be plugged into the electrical outlet. But there are some CCTV cameras which are battery operated.


cctv security systems for home



VCR recorder

There is a recording device such as security lapse VCR can record CCTV camera in either black and white or color either 2, 4, 6, 8, down to 960 hours to complete and is 40 days. The deciding factor is how many frames per second. You intend to record the number of cameras you have hooked up to your VCR for recording. For example, if a record 30 frames per second (time), you will not be able to get a few hours of captured video recorder. If you register within one or less per second, you can record dozens of hours of video. VCR’s are very practical, very reliable and extremely affordable. Expected to pay only a few hundred dollars for security VCR.

Digital video recorders

There are two types of DVR (digital video recorders). It is either itself or the hard drives that are connected to a computer or system. Similar to DVR video device’s except take pictures of their digital CCTV camera. The amount of digital photos can be captured on DVR is a few factors including frames per second and records, and the amount of cameras hooked up to my DVR, the DVR saves photos and videos when you press the user) such as MPEG4). Joint Group, where you have 4 cameras and shoot FPS and 30 using a resolution of 320 × 240, each camera only when motion, and you are using MPEG4 compression, you can fill 20 to 25 GB hard drive in about 80 hours.

cctv security systems for home