How to check the authenticity of the gold

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How to check the authenticity of the gold – Often you can hear from their friends , or face the very situation when gold initially bright and shiny suddenly begins to darken and thicken . That is to change its original color . And if you try to clean it , then on the product remain some white streaks and scratches . Because of what the heck is going on ? It is hardly present and expensive gold product here so suddenly change its color .
As a result, there is a need to check your gold product for authenticity. Alas, in the home , such an experiment is practically impossible to produce . Methods exist , but they do not always show the real result .

How to check the authenticity of the gold
For starters, you can check the density of the product . But even if the product of real gold and fake is not, then it can be any of the cavity , even if it is tiny . But really the same weight and fineness specified on the product label are present and conform to the product itself .
You can try to check the product chemically, but such checks can also bring results. Real gold can be dissolved only in ” aqua regia “. Even if just gilded decoration on top, such checks it in no way hurt.

There are cases when authenticate gold not even highly qualified experts and jewelry detectors . So , devices primarily oriented on the properties of jewelry , its electrical resistance and conductivity . These parameters depend not only on the quantity of gold content in the alloy from which the product is made , but also on the alloy composition and the ratio of components in it . It is for this reason sometimes announce fake products such global brands as Cartier and Tiffani.