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Finding Treasures dream researchers In the category treasure hunting more articles and learn more information about Finding Treasures dream researchers Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

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Finding Treasures dream researchers –  . Treasures intoxicate imagination blinds him and machinery for the manufacture of gold and silver and precious stones. Find treasure buried treasure hunters involved researchers from the experienced and novices, each has its own technology and they use the experience of others . Currently, was a great help to them for the metal detector , which gives a great opportunity to discover the hidden objects in the ground.

Household savings treasures are rich in ancient times , money and valuables and weapons hidden in the backyard , in the park , in general , not too far from home. Another category – they are likely buried in remote places in the woods or field.
Many years have passed and those who buried the treasure, and is not likely to be your belongings will be only their spirits fly over the secret places , lamenting the lost wealth is irreversible .

Come here if you want to become a treasure hunter Legends of treasures treasures found with a metal detector

All the inhabitants of the ancient settlement is likely that they were standing on the treasures without knowing it , and walked several times in the past where the treasure is hidden . Experts know that there is a so-called treasures stacked , ie those where many treasure . This suggests that some places and some , attractive magical powers that cause people to hide the treasures in places near their homes .

Find treasures needs to study methodology , and this is starting to recognize the places where they can be. Therefore , we must dig in libraries or archives for the study of ancient maps , and communicate with veterans. Tucked away a rare gem that can be found in a random manner , it needs to be a great success and a wonderful luck .

Tips on how to find small treasures

According to official data, Part VIII of all gold mined man buried in the ground or resting on the sea floor with sunken ships with him . Wealth hidden from authorities and neighbors and enemies , so in search of treasures in the ground can be very successful .

Of course, in our opinion, treasure hunter has a romantic image associated with exciting adventures and dangers. This is what we have absorbed through books and movies. However , nowadays more and put on a more rational basis and do not send any one under the cover of darkness with pick and shovel in a sacred place , and then does not explain the anti- randomized with the trunk and went to the woods to pick mushrooms . And hardly anyone would have to search for treasures , and calculate the number of steps required , or wait until the shade of a tree refers to the place where the buried treasures . Everything is much easier – you need to buy a metal detector and began a journey to find the treasure.

Underwater search Underwater metal detectors and search for treasures under water

Underwater metal detectors and search for treasures under water

Modern metal detectors – is cheap and if you really want to buy a device that not only squeaks on every piece of iron in the soil , you will need to fork out for a decent amount . But as they say the search engines themselves , sometimes with a simple , cheaper device , you can make this discovery , the dream of treasure hunters carrying expensive metal detector professional .

In addition to these devices , ” smart ” that can identify minerals , you can use ground-penetrating radar . However , he himself stands almost like a little treasure – not less than fifty thousand dollars . But such a device on the screen shows what is under the ground, and the great depths of up to several meters .