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Baffled scientists and sold a bottle of $ 27 million
Red Mercury earth treasures and extraction of nuclear fission

Red Mercury


Spread among many among people having large amounts of ancient treasures buried underground and guarded the Jinn also have commonly including the ability to use charlatans and quacks gin in the extraction of these treasures. These beliefs were associated with “Red Mercury” confirming some enormous capacity to harness the Elves to extract these treasures and steal money from the coffers of the banks, and consequently appeared so-called “Download” by quacks and jugglers download stolen funds to the customer through the use of Gin …
In this episode are you for real “Red Mercury” and its relationship to extract treasures, offer you an experience he repented to God has experiences in this area, and we show you some cases of fraud by some to promote Red Mercury, and offer you eventually see the legitimacy on this matter … Through this exciting episode, filled with exotic tales of Red Mercury and extract the treasures.

Red Mercury

 the CP the conditions

And to learn about the reality of “Red Mercury” remind you of this incident: it was in the hands of the British press, “Detective Gwen Roberts” report prepared for the attention of “Eugène” the Russian Foreign Minister, who was then at the head of the Russian intelligence service, the truth about Red Mercury.
That report stated that what was known as the Soviet Union began production in 1968 in “Dubna” Center for nuclear research, and chemical specialists know this article with this code (h925 b206) which costs intensity (23) grams per cubic centimeter. These have high degree of intensity confusion in the minds of Western scientists, having the highest density of any known material in the world, including pure metals. It is known that the density of mercury used in measuring temperature (6, 13) grams per cubic centimeter, density is pure plutonium, slightly less than 20 grams per cubic centimeters. Red Mercury is a very rare materials and its price could reach millions of dollars.
Red Mercury story was old & new with Jinn and demons and treasures. But it is really more serious especially it enters directly in the manufacture of sophisticated weapons, the industry also introduces Atomic activity of various kinds. Some scholars in archaeology, there are already so-called “Red Mercury” is a red metal powder with radiation, still used in operations related to nuclear fission and the source of manufacture and export to the world is some former Soviet Union countries, some gangs smuggling inside nuclear reactors there for sold millions of dollars in some countries of the world.

Red Mercury

The bottle which had raised the issue

In the early 1940s bottle was discovered belonging to a senior army commanders in the era of the family 27 “Amen. fulfilled. concludes” its mummification inside his coffin as a result of embalming his grandfather outside the cemetery because of the turbulent political events in his era.
And have started talking about Red Mercury originally after Egyptian archaeological Zaki Saad on a brown liquid tends to flush down Mummy “Amen. fulfilled. concludes,” the Commander of the Egyptian armies during the era of the family (27) this liquid is preserved in a bottle bearing the seal and emblem of the Egyptian Government, and within the Museum of mummification in Luxor. This is the main reason why bottle spread all rumored about the so-called Red Mercury. This tomb was found intact and have not been opened since it was buried, when the coffin was opened for Mummy “Amen. fulfilled. locality” found next to a liquid of some materials used in the mummification process is (ntaron salt, wood, sawdust and resin colloidal, aromatic, and fat rolls linaceae, wetrintina).
As a result sealed the coffin on the body and the material is cited an interaction between materials and dry flesh, mummification produced this liquid you put in the bottle, so his analysis found that contains (90, 86%) human fluids (water, blood salts, tissue thin) and (7, 36%), minerals (Natron) and (0, 12%) and soapy solution (0.01%), amino acids (1.65%) mummification materials (resin, gum + protein material).
Has spread the news of this discovery the bottle a lot of swindlers, including current newspaper several years ago of a prominent Arab figure hustled when it was selling a bottle containing mercury Egyptian Red $ 27 million, and the record has been written under no. (17768) section administrative misdemeanor monument, Republic of Egypt Arabic. The most recent issues of Red Mercury that is major General Ahmed patron Egyptian Assistant Interior Minister for security of Giza converts accused by prosecutors for investigation. The Giza intelligence had arrested student named Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed and OSIM school teacher of Giza named Mr. Saber, with vials contain red mercury, whereby they concluded they allegedly found traces of buried underground, the detective found them already relics belong to different eras and worth seven million pounds plus a red liquid, saying it helped them find the treasure, saying investigations that third person used this red mercury in the preparation Elves, Elves hit the buried under one House.

Confessions of an informer

About the relationship of Red Mercury in the Jinn and extract the treasures … Hamid Adam says he has repented to God and sorcerer-turned-advocate, about this relationship: the fact that the Commission ask for Red Mercury, and is expensive and its price can be up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, because one of the Djinn fed him and help him prolong his age, and a young man and gives him strength, this red mercury would not have any effect on Elves only if obtained from a human being. And without him, does not affect this requested elves of Antichrist and juggler who deals with him to attend this red mercury in certain quantities and to purity (93, 7%) and for this human side gives huge funds from banks, steals from the currency printing presses in different countries. The human side that con gives him the money to use a certain period only weeks or days as money spent with guard of gin and others. And so are “Download” under the complex agreements between Faerie and human, Jinn and Jinn.
Hamid Adam recognizes that acted on behalf of a person in 1995 and the quantity (800) g, the process has been implemented and the Elves brought mercury at a dollar. Hamid adds methods for sorcery and change things to the money and says he turns foliage to money with certain spells, some for a certain period and for a long time. Gin asked once where these funds will attend, said: it’s from Canada from currency printing press have. Hamid contends that this has nothing to do with religion or the Koran. It recognizes learning this magic from Al-Hindi in the border area of Nigeria, one of the most famous who claim they know the perfect person or what they claim that deal with God and the Prophet directly. It uses these quacks strange names saying that it was surreal really silly names Jinn who deal with them, and even gives them for themselves in the presence of aura claiming spiritual.