Fisher 1280-X Gold detector

Fisher 1280-X Gold detector

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FISHER – 1280X-10

Fisher 1280-X  Gold detector

Fisher 1280-X is a land anfibiotodo metal detector, because it operates normally both on land and in water, and can dive up to 76 meters.
Its use is recommended for: search for treasures and objects buried in the beach, searches in shallow waters, diving on sea or lakes.
It comes with discriminator, easy to use, robust and economical.
Within the excellent qualities of the 1280-10th are: detecting deep, is submersible, has automatic adjustments to just turn on the computer and start detecting in saltwater, freshwater or on land. It is capable of discriminating, has an intensity LED of the objective and the circuit of quartz crystal patented by Fisher that can operate continuously for up to 75 hours. In addition it is ergonomic, for example the electronic unit can be carried in the belt.
Main features.

Handling simple, just turn on your computer and begin to detect, many have difficulty with their metal detectors in Peru since some need many adjustments before one can begin to detect.
It can be used on land, in fresh water or salt water.
You can submerge up to 76 meters.
Circuit of Crystal quartz patented by Fisher.
The electronic unit can be carried in the belt.
Response audiovisual to detect any object.
It ignores the small pieces of trash.
Discrimination of full range.
2 Modes of operation: discrimination VLF in the frequency of the voice (in this mode of operation equipment coil must be moving in order to detect) and fixed.
Operating frequency: 2.4 kHz quartz crystal-controlled frequency.
Coil 26.5 cm or 20 cm (not can be exchanged).
LED indicating the intensity of the signal of the objective.
Runs on 8 AA batteries, allowing a continuous operation up to 75 hours (i.e. with alkaline batteries), a duration that has almost no detector of metals in Peru.
Adjustable sensitivity.
One year warranty.

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