Georadars Zond 12e

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Geo-radar Zond 12 is a portable digital terrestrial geo-radar for scanning , for use in a wide range of geotechnical , geological , environmental , engineering and other tasks where necessary subsurface monitoring . During real-time scanning operator receives information on the computer display for radar picture. Simultaneously, the data is stored on hard disk for future use , processing, printout , interpretation and others.

A complete set of metal detecting includes a central unit that is mounted on a special platform with space for a computer (laptop , which is not included in the standard package ) , a set of antennas with different frequency scanning software, various accessories .

Georadars Zond 12e


The user can use their own computer type laptop. If you want the kit to have a laptop computer type , you must make an additional request and specify the price for it .

Geo-radar Zond 12e is packaged . Central unit with batteries and accessories are placed in a special metal briefcase. In making this order is packaged in a special carton.

The antennas are specially made and even allowed brief immersion in water. Antennas have pad surface against abrasion . Has not received requests from customers to replace this pad .

Management of all parameters of metal detecting is performed by the computer , so many of the features to work with the equipment described in the section Software .

Changing one another antenna solves tasks shallow and deep drilling . Increasing the frequency of the probe increases in resolution but this increases the attenuation of electromagnetic waves , resulting in a decrease of the depth of drilling and back – lowering in frequency may increase the depth of the probe , but this reduces the resolution . In reducing the frequency increases and the zone of initial insensitivity radar ie dead zone . Dead zone includes surface to several meters depth, which are not reflected by metal detecting at very low frequencies of the antenna.

It is assumed that the earth is scanned at a relative permittivity equal to 4 and the attenuation is about 1-2 dB / m . In deep search reflectance is 1. It should be borne in mind that the figures are approximate and they highly depend on the parameters of the scanned area.

The following antennas Zond 12e:

– 1.5 GHz
– 2 GHz
– 900 MHz
– 750 MHz
– 500 MHz
– 300 MHz
– 100 MHz
– 150-75-38 MHz