how to extract gold from black sand with mercury

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how to extract gold from black sand with mercury

Panning for gold is not as easy as many people think . This procedure involves a number of difficult actions. How to extract gold from the sand ? The answer to the question is very interesting and encompasses several options precious metal mining .

Several ways to help extract gold :

– Washing of sand in the water stream . In this way, enjoyed a very long time, but in some regions of the gold mined in this way. Gold is heavier than water , so the water washes away the lighter sand and gold grains can not wash away . Gravel was placed on an inclined chute . Under a stream of water light sand washed away , and the gold particles remained .

how to extract gold from black sand with mercury



– Washing of sand using sheepskin . Gold dust sprinkled on the skin and washed with water. Grains of gold deposited on the skin , they can be easily seen . This method reflects the myth of the Golden Fleece .

– Processing of auriferous sand on dredges . Large structures  treated sand containing gold. In this year the construction processes about a million tons of sand . Take this sand from the bottom of rivers and lakes. To date, the gold-bearing sand is low , so most of the gold is mined ore. Ore mining method is very complex and expensive .

Gold has always lured people , so when its production is not only used modern methods .

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