Gold Sense detectors for gold

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Gold Sense detectors for gold
HGD – Golden Dragon Gold Sense detectors for gold

The manufacture of this product to be a specialist to detect veins of gold ore and gold nuggets, coins and other small metal especially in areas that are rich in raw gold and currencies and metals deep and cleared mines and other devices with small depths so we re looking at the same locations now through our use of this product developer and we can reach depths of more
Upon discovering any target device will sound and the sound will be several tones of gold and specialist for copper and iron them knowing that we can cancel detection of iron with special lighting as gold metal lighting in red and the other blue light metals. Device depth up to 2 meters maximum.
This device has been developed to be able to work in all types of soil and not vulnerable to any natural elements such as rocks, metals or any other factors with the exact technical and budget so that we can identify the device on any type of soil will be machine able to work in all conditions and climates
You can search for more than 40 hours with the battery designed for this machine it offers you the opportunity to conduct a search without interruption for use as home charger is attached with the product in addition to car charger you can check the battery charge by pressing the battery test button and recharge the battery at any time.


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