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golden king dpr plus

Company ” Nokta Engineering”, for many years has specialized in the study of electromagnetism and manufactures civil and military technical products . 7 year after the registration of the trademark “Nokta“, the company has developed a new generation of search technology – a system of “Golden King Deep Processor Radar Plus”, thus became the leader in its industry and has shown the world the power of Turkish engineering.

Creating the most advanced system of underground searches company ” Nokta Engineering” set a goal of conducting effective management today to keep its leading position for a long period , dynamically developing research to ensure continued technological advantage , design , patent protection and intellectual and industrial ownership , quality and after sales services. And also to protect one’s own values ​​, respect for the man, and with the understanding of social responsibility – implement public administration .

Nokta Golden King DPR Plus metal detector

Our firm , stimulating collective participation in joint decision-making with regard to the further development of technology , many years will seek to retain its leadership in the field of electromagnetism and will continue to create the most advanced systems and projects .
The year 2008 was for the company ” Nokta Engineering” leap year . To achieve this goal by implementing serious investments in the industry , the company has made great strides to become a global company . Having started the production preparation for export to many countries . Perennial effective management enabled the company “Nokta” to become the largest manufacturer of detectors in Turkey.

company ” Nokta Engineering”, search radar developed technology of the new generation , it gives its customers , from which receives the greatest support , incentive and trust.

Ground penetrating radar «Golden King DPR Plus» is a selective deep metal detector and voids – underground radar search of a new generation that has no analogues in the world.

«Golden King DPR Plus» is produced on the basis of a 32-bit microprocessor ARM9. Has an option to 3D graphical rendition of electromagnetic signals and form an image of the object at the time of detection .

Device implemented software environment based on Linux. A distinctive feature of the program is the use of algorithms for constructing artificial intelligence to optimize parallel computing in the analysis of the reflected signal from the target.

The system adaptive search technology antennas , which allows you to monitor and control the movement of the operator. By filtering operator error by calculation errors that may distort the resulting data are excluded and do not affect the results. Thus, operator error neutralized.

The scope of the search radar «Golden King DPR Plus» includes a high resolution camera to shoot both on land and under water . The camera has a built-in night vision and can operate at a depth of 30 m in total darkness , providing a clearer picture.
Due to the sensitive sensor in the camera , you get high quality images that can be stored and subsequently lose together with experts or employees in the form of slow or frame by frame.

Another technological complement underground search radar «Golden King DPR Plus» is the presence of a gas sensor . This site is intended for system security – warning cluster harmful to human health methane gas , especially indoors.

With deep search antenna can be searched to a depth of 6 m (for large objects lying a long time underground) .

Search aerial general purpose

This antenna , which showed good search results and high resolution, designed to detect objects in the surface layer , and to a depth of 4 meters. Thanks to the system’s ability to recognize the metal, to accurately capture and ignore trash metal , search and study are transformed into an exciting experience .

Search results for deep dish

Search radar «Golden King DPR Plus» is designed for in-depth searches. Deep searching antenna size 100×60 cm allows data from a depth of 6 meters. This antenna is also able to distinguish between metals . Compared with other search antennas metals have the ability to distinguish depth significantly better antenna .

3D display results in real time,

Radar «Golden King DPR Plus» allows you to search within the range of 0 to 6 m and receiving data on reradiation of electromagnetic signals from the object, is able to instantly process them and issue unique to the operator of the object 3D graph propagation of an electromagnetic signal .

Below shows the estimated voids derived from the study area, these natural structures and voids located close as possible to study in detail how the signals from the target object. When considering the voids and located near objects can be obtained from the voltage value relative length and width of the e / m signal from the metal object inside the voids.

Metal detection

Used in the search radar «Golden King DPR Plus» unique software and hardware, allow to perform a complete analysis of the signal object. electromagnetic signal from a buried object under the ground depends on the salinity of the soil, which can sometimes be so significant that the small size of the object or the old conventional systems are unable to detect it, whereas radar «Golden King DPR Plus» allows the study of any type detecting soil thus especially small objects.

Below are examples of the results of detection of metal objects using a search radar «Golden King DPR Plus».

This system allows a detailed study of signals from objects to analyze the length and width of electromagnetic signal, the amplitude of the signal, and track the relative depth of the object in the study area, and in real time without the addition of external devices and software.

Package search radar «Golden King DPR Plus» includes waterproof camera with built-in night vision, allowing to make shooting on land and under water, both in daylight and in total darkness. With the accessory becomes possible to study the water-filled caves, tunnels, cellars, wells, seabed, lakes, etc.

With the ability to record, store and view video underground search radar, extends the functionality of a professional receptionist stroke research.

Another innovation from “Nokta Engineering” – the use of a gas sensor in the system «Golden King DPR Plus», which enables researchers to protect against harmful gases released during the oxidation of metals, or natural gas, especially indoors.

Warning System search radar «Golden King DPR Plus» using a gas sensor, will inform you about the current dangerous or safe, depending on the permissible norms for human health, the state of the gaseous medium in indoor workplaces or in an open area.

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