Hand-held metal detector Garrett 1165180

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Hand metal detector Super Scanner Garrett-1165180 metal-detection equipment is used very popular in the world. Hand metal detectors are used for the security forces to test the person before entering the airport, jails, the Centre for sport, culture and. .. to prevent the metal weapons or other dangerous items made of metal. Some agencies use to test against stealing property when out of the Agency.

Hand-held metal detector Garrett 1165180

Hand-held metal detector Garrett 1165180

Compact design, easy to use and has a very high sensitivity, high mobility consistent with most of the actual application.


Hand-held metal detector Super Scanner Garrett-1165190 help detect pistols from up to 23 cm, 15 cm distance from the razor, micro electronics, the jewelry. from a distance of a few centimeters.
Automatically return to the initial mode after detecting metals.
High sensitivity does not depend on ambient conditions.
Warning for people to check through the headset.
Automatically checks the source feed.
High durability
Operating frequency: 95KHz.
Audio indicator, LED, or through headphones.
Controls the ON/OFF or to Standby mode.
Pet source NiMH battery-operated continuously for 80 hours or use the battery operated singing continuously for 60 hours.
The device is designed according to international standards the specifications as well as safety.


Remove the lid handle insert the battery in the correct top male jăc-the then insert lid back like old;
When using only the on/of switch, the Green led will light up is used to check;
When metal detecting equipment will alert by sound.
Note You should not remove the battery. Avoid use under the rain


Only 1 single button turned off, open the source (active) and vibration
Very high sensitivity
Adjust sensitivity automatically (without adjustment)
Check and discovered the metal form is 22 cm, large knife 15 cm, 7 cm, small jewelry razor for 2 cm.
Using rechargeable 9V
Audio alarm LED & or using the vibration feature when metal detecting
Green LED alarm when open source (works fine), pale yellow LED lights when the battery is low, the red LED lights when metal detecting.
Working temperature:-40° C to 70° C
Humidity: 95%
Operating frequency: 93KHz
Adjust the sensitivity: Auto
Size: width 8.3 cm x 42 cm x 4.13 cm Length x Thickness weighs 500 g

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