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In this article we review the information about best pinpointer , in terms of specifications and consumer report on these detectors .

When you need to pinpointer new , and when you find a lot of models , may not be able to determine what you want , especially when you are a beginner researcher , does not have a lot of experience on these devices . I think there are pros and cons to just about any piece of equipment , based on the uses will be, and you should know that the hobby search is an expensive hobby , and you must choose the best and think a lot before buying cheap metal detectors .

PRO Pointer pinpointer from Garrett

PRO POINTER metal detector

kellyco site ( )

price :  $127.45

Amazon site

price : $127.45

The PRO-POINTER combines performance with sleek design to assist in pinpointing those hard-to-find targets. With One-Touch ease of use, you will never want to be in the field without one. Speed your searched and recover evidence faster with the Garrett CSI PRO-POINTER – which requires no tuning and will not interfere with your metal detector!


Minelab Pro Pointer

price : $169.00

Description of the function static search mode Pinpoint

For greater accuracy the Minelab PRO-FIND 25 indicates the depth of buried targets with a proportional vibration and audio response. As the pin pointer probe gets closer to the target, the intensity of vibration and audio increases.

Adjustable sensitivity on Minelab Pro Find 25.

Narrow down the exact location of targets with the PRO-FIND 25′s adjustable sensitivity. This can be increased to locate deep targets or decreased to precisely locate small targets.

Minelab Pro find two mode operation

Select from two modes – Audio & Vibrate or Vibrate Only for silent searching.

Durable water resistant construction

Submersible probe end. The whole Minelab Pro Find 25 pin pointer can be washed under running water.

Probe side sensitivity

Probe side detection area (360°) allows targets to easily be located in the walls of the hole.

Auto power off

To save battery life, the PRO-FIND 25 switches off after eight minutes of inactivity.

Pistol Probe pinpointer by Detector Pro

price : $169.99

PistolProbe PI Pinpointer


Increase the speed of target recovery time tremendously
Yield more targets per hour
Reduce the number of targets damaged by your
digging tool
Allow you to find the target without making a mess of the recovery area

Deep Seeking Pulse Circuitry Powered by (2) 9V Batteries (not included)
Momentary On/Off Power Push-button Switch for Battery Conservation
Protected Control Settings
Two Preset Piezo Audio Volume Levels
Dual LED Visual Indicators
Selectable Silent LED Only Operation
Low Battery Alert
6-1/2 in. Probe Barrel Length
Balanced Comfortable Grip Shape
Belt Mounted Holster (included)
Warranty: 2 years
Specifications subject to change without notice


Whites Bullseye II 120mm pinpointer

price : $119.95

White's PinPointer BullsEye 2

When you’ve located a target and dug the hole, use the Bullseye II Pinpointer to precisely “pinpoint” the target. No tuning. Completely automatic. Works in either “vibration” or “beep” mode. Powerful LED light illuminates target areas when the button is pushed. Powered for up to 20 hours on a single 9-Volt battery.
36 kHz operating frequency, doesn’t interfere with any other metal detector.


Vibraprobe 580 pinpointer

price : $129.95 

Vibraprobe 580 pinpointer


No push button switches. The Vibra-Probe 580 uses our unique tilt-on/off technology in addition to our traditional one-minute automatic-off battery saver. This translates into faster recovery times and longer battery life.

The only pinpointer with tip only detection, so you know precisely where the target is.

No annoying buzzers! The Vibra-Probe is the original pinpointer that communicates with vibration. It alerts only you that you’ve found a target.

Never worry about dirt, dust, mud or water because our unique sealed design is airtight and waterproof to a depth of 100 feet.

No fumbling with knobs! The Vibra-Probe 580 is fully automatic. The self-calibrating microprocessor-controlled circuitry requires no adjustments of any kind.

The included belt holster makes it easy to carry and always at the ready.


  • Pulse Induction (PI) technology
  • Tilt on & off
  • Tip-only detection
  • Communicates with vibration
  • Automatic calibration
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Waterproof – Submersible to 100 feet (30 meters)
  • Auto-off (after one minute) battery saver

First Texas Pin Pointer


F-Point pinpointer by Fisher

price : $58.65

F-Point pinpointer by Fisher

Fishers new pocket sized metal detector is designed for pinpointing metal objects located with a regular metal detector. Locates hard to find treasures and saves digging time. Fisher’s simple to use design makes locating elusive targets easy in any environment.

Compact pinpointer for treasure hunting and unearthing small objects
Easy one-knob operation.
Fully static response, no motion required.
Ignores most ground minerals.
Coin detection depth about 2 inches at maximum sensitivity.


Treasure Mate pinpointer by Tesoro

price : $145.00

Treasure Mate pinpointer by Tesoro

FREQUENCY: 16.5khz
COIL: 3/8″ coax
SIGNAL: (1)LED and Speaker (2) LED and Vibrator
SETTINGS: Ground Balance and Tuning Controls
BATTERY LIFE: 30~50 Hours
WEIGHT: 6 Ounces
MODE: All Metal, Variable Range Tunning
WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime Warranty


Vibra Quatic

price : $149.95


Information about best metal detector pinpointer reviews Vibra Quatic

The Vibra-Quatic 2 is our newest designed pinpointer that signals with vibration and light. This any environment pinpointer is great for divers, even when wearing gloves.

The large 2 inch detection tip means deeper detection depths and more sensitivity to large objects. No push button switches. Instead it uses our unique tilt on & off design.
Pulse Induction (PI)
Tilt on & off
Communicates with vibration and light
Automatic Calibration
Low battery alert
Waterproof – Submersible to 100 feet (30 meters)
The unique sealed design is waterproof to a depth of 100 feet and the self calibrating microprocessor controlled circuitry requires no adjustments of any kind.

The Vibra-Quatic incorporates Pulse Induction (PI) technology. This allows hunting in any environment including grass, mud, dirt, sand, black sand, and fresh or salt water.

Also includes a removable wrist strap with ring for added security.

Kellyco AutoMax

price : $140.00 

Information about best metal detector pinpointer reviews

4 Way Target Locating: Audio-Sound, Visual-Flashing Light, Vibrating Handle, and Ajustable Sensitivity Control kellyco
This easy-to-use pinpointer saves you time as it locates the hard to find treasures. With an extra long and super sensitive 8.5 inch High Performance (HP) probe coil, you can clip this pinpointer to your belt and go! To use simply turn it on, scan, and pinpoint your target! Features include: Audio alert, visual flashing light, super vibrating handle and an adjustable knob for fine tuning.


Built-in audio indication
Super-bright LED target indication light
Super v4 Vibrator
Toggle ON/OFF
Target sensitivity control
Long and Deep Probe
Waterproof copper wound HP coil
Rugged construction
Surface mount technology
Easy removable battery door
Ergonomically designed handle
Belt Clip easily clips to all size belts
Operates on 9 volt battery (battery not included)
One year warranty