installation of CCTV cameras

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The effectiveness of the video surveillance system depends not so much on the quality of the equipment, as on the correctness of the installation of the surveillance system. In this case, the installation rules may differ depending on the class of the chosen surveillance camera. For example, installing street equipment for video surveillance is a little more complicated than installing equipment indoors. But by and large, the installation of the camera on different objects has no differences. Therefore, despite the features of the object, certain installation requirements, which we will consider.

Picking up a place to install a camera

To choose the right location for the camera, consider the following factors:

Ensure full control of the area you want to see

Minimize the level of illumination – it will increase comfort and efficiency;
provide a place where mechanical damage to the surveillance camera will be ruled out.

installation of CCTV cameras

installation of CCTV cameras

It is necessary to understand that lighting is relevant not only for street models. In direct sunlight, various lighting devices, etc. will be able to significantly worsen the level of image quality of CCTV cameras, which are installed indoors. If you install a camera with a motion sensor, you should similarly consider the possibility of lighting from headlights or a lamp, because there is a high probability of false positives.

Installation of CCTV cameras for outdoor use

It should be understood that street surveillance cameras can be exposed not only to atmospheric influences, but also to mechanical damage, which is often caused by third-party objects, such as a fallen icicle. In addition, attackers can specifically disable CCTV cameras.

Ideally – to apply anti-vandal models of CCTV cameras, or simply fill them under construction structures. In the latter case, it will be quite difficult to maintain the equipment.

We lay connecting lines

This is an important point of connection, because many different factors need to be taken into account during the installation. For example, during installation, you should avoid installing 50 cm of signal and power cables nearby, a figure that is set in the regulatory documents. As practice shows, especially for large lines this distance should be increased – it will positively affect the efficiency of the equipment.

In order to transmit a video signal to an analog data surveillance system, the indicator above 100 meters is ideal to use a cable not a coaxial type, but a twisted pair. It is necessary to pay attention to the right section in order to power surveillance cameras. If you install equipment on the street, then you need to take into account the protection of the signal chain from electrical systems to protect against interference, etc.

Swann CCTV cameras and DVR

Rules for mounting IP CCTV cameras

In general, the process is not different in principle. This applies to the installation site, the way the structures are fastened and the cable is being laying. But such equipment makes it possible to implement wireless systems, which greatly simplifies installation. This makes it even easier to install the camera with your hands. If you use a wired connection, then in addition to the cameras will need to install network switches.

This addition increases the user’s work, but IP surveillance allows multiple cameras to be connected to the same line, so you can achieve good savings. It should be taken into account that the amount of data through a twisted pair is quite limited, so you need to take into account this fact, guided by the resolution and type of data transmission. You’ll need a video server or A DVR to see everything that’s going on on the subject and record the data.

If the CCTV system is small, then a personal computer will be a great solution. The amount of memory on the hard drive is determined by how deep the archive is needed.

As you can see, installing video cameras is quite simple, you just need to stick to certain rules. In our store, you can buy everything you need to install and customize the surveillance system. Only certified goods of well-known brands at low prices. Delivery to any location and advise on all issues of interest.

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