how to connect the CCTV camera to the computer

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Sometimes there are situations when you connect the CCTV camera to your computer. The need to connect to the computer is well-founded, because it is much easier to view everything that happens on the object, as well as to set up the equipment. Let’s consider the basic rules on how to connect the CCTV camera to the computer without disrupting the functioning of the CCTV system.

A scheme to connect a digital CCTV camera to a computer

The CCTV camera must first be connected to the DVR. You need to be careful, because the video camera must be fully compliant with the DVR. Today, there are models of registrars that are able to function with the equipment of different formats. At the same time, connecting to the registrar, the user can connect a different number of cameras – from 1 to 32 models. Coaxial or LAN cable can be used during connection.

Each variety can guarantee a decent quality signal of up to 100 meters without using transmitters or amplifiers, without interference. At this time, the twisted pair allows to significantly reduce the level of costs for the surveillance system. In a single cable intersects 8 intertwined lived. Similarly, up to 4 CCTV cameras can be connected with a single cable. At a distance of up to 50 meters, the transmission is carried out without compromising quality. If the distance is over 100 meters, you need to use a special transmitter when connecting to the PC.

How to install a security camera system Analog (VCR based) Systems

The DVR works through a remote connection, so you can connect your computer, tablet or phone. There are two ways to connect your computer to a CCTV recorder:

Through LAN directly at the facility.
using the global Internet.
From the computer, the user will be able to view not only the online broadcast, but also view the archive in which the information is stored.

Connecting to an analog video surveillance computer

Analog-type cameras connect in the same way as digital models. While creating such a surveillance system, you need to use an analog registrar, and there is another way to connect, which we will consider.

In the second version, the video camera needs to be directly connected to the PC – it can be done with the help of special video capture boards. They need to be mounted in a system block. Typically, such a unit has 4 or 16 outlets to connect analog-class cameras. This method is only suitable for the computer, and it is impossible to apply such a method to a laptop.

Another great way to connect is to use a USB converter. This method is the easiest to implement and is combined with all PCs. They are quite compact and insert into USB ports. All data will be recorded on the computer’s hard drive, at which time online viewing is possible only if you connect to a global network.

ConnectING IP cameras to your computer

These CCTV cameras are created to connect to the Internet. Let’s look at several types of wired and wireless type connectivity. They can be combined with a computer in a convenient way – through a computer or wireless Internet. This method will be a great solution if the equipment is far away from each other.

Another popular way to connect is with a Wi-Fi wireless network. This method is convenient to use if there is no way to lay a cable for the purpose of transmitting video signals. If you use IP cameras and a network range of up to 100 meters, you use a twisted vapor to connect – if you want to conduct the pad for a longer distance, then fiber optic cable.

As you can see, connecting cameras to your PC is pretty easy if you stick to certain recommendations. Our online store offers to buy all the necessary equipment for video surveillance systems from well-known brands. Directly cooperation with manufacturers ensures that it is from us that you will buy all the products at prices 10-15% lower than in other stores. We will also help you to carry out the correct installation and advise on the issues of interest.