Investing in Silver

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Investing in Silver – Currently silver appreciated several times cheaper than gold . This is because in the Earth gold reserves 15 times lower than silver resources . Gold is mined harder and has large processing costs. According to scientists , the volume of production of pure silver can be reduced greatly by 2015 , will have to use the secondary market, which means that the price of pure silver will increase several times. If you are thinking about the future, invest in silver – a very profitable investment .

Investing in Silver

There are three basic options for investments in silver : stamped silver bullion weighing from 1 gram to 32 kilograms , silver coins and depersonalized metal accounts .

Purchase order stamped silver bars

First you must choose a reliable bank , where you can buy bullion stamped . Soundness of the bank is much more important than the search for favorable conditions for the transaction. The reason is that after the acquisition of ingots to be stored somewhere , it will certainly be a cell in the bank at home to store precious metals troublesome and dangerous. With the possible bankruptcy of the bank , you can forget about their bullion as insurance for storage in the cells does not provide any bank . Of course, have to pay for keeping the amount of money – about 0 , 1% of the value of silver . In a year it will cost $ 1 , 2% of the value of the metal in the cell however the difference between the purchase – sale of silver is about 20% . This kind of investment in silver – the long-term , should pass a sufficient amount of time to “recapture” the difference between the purchase and sale of metal.

The procedure for acquiring silver coins

Procedure is similar to the above , allows you to invest money in different coins, including unique , with different weight and cost . VAT investment coins are not exempt. Acquisition of the coin is the long-term investment in terms of reliable and quality life ( scratched or damaged in other ways coins will be harder to sell ) .

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The procedure for opening depersonalized metal accounts

This type of investing a little easier . Here in the selected bank at its discretion need to open “silver” account and put money on it bought the bank for virtual program precious metal . You can cash out at any minute account or get your hands on silver. Accounts and deposits are common . In normal account you may dispose of sums of money on your own, and when the deposit – in contract included terms on which you acquire silver. Bank deposit accounts accrue interest for your contribution .

Investing in silver – and profitable long-term investment option available capital .