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It is no secret that many hunters, if not thought about how to make a metal detector independently at home, dreaming about how to improve the unit, bought in the store. Such lovers search device will always be in any company in Canada. Instead of trying to come to grips with finding coins and treasures, they spend a significant amount of time examining the settings of their metal detectors, replacement coils, testing the capacity of its devices. Often, these hunters use to search for your own hands gathered metal detectors. metal detector doesn’t look as good as industrial model, but often not inferior to it in its technical characteristics.

There is another category of people. It’s those little interesting electronics but the desire to make a metal detector with his hands is nothing less than saving money or, simply put, greed. If you’re from this category of novice treasure hunters, I immediately try to dissuade you from this venture. Firstly, if you don’t have special knowledge in radio technology, if your workplace does not have appropriate instruments, and the idea of spending many hours and days for manufacturing detector frightens you, then the idea is to make a metal detector with his hands is not for you. Even making the most simple homemade metal detector can for you will end in failure. Secondly, the purchase of the required number of instruments and components will require a certain amount of money. Think: what to collect metal detector home may be cheaper for you to buy a simple at the metal detector.