Mayan apocalypse is coming in 2012

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Mayan apocalypse is coming in 2012
Apocalypse in 2012 news reports scientific America where newspapers were leaked news of NASA in recent years. Vector tells the news agency NASA disclosed the existence of another planet in addition to the 11 planets. Where one agency’s telescopes in space appearance size planet the Sun almost called nibiru. The Agency has examined this mysterious planet found that enormous magnetic power equivalent to bear the Sun so there are many risks and Gedo had approached the Earth path … But that’s what happened after the tests lasted for more than five years and Gedo this planet nibiru will pass near Earth, just enable the inhabitants of East Asia see it clearly but that he would oppose the Earth path in (2011) this year, all the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to see what other Sun. Given the enormous magnetic power will it work on reverse polarity i.e. the North magnetic pole is the magnetic pole becomes South and vice versa so the Earth will keep the usual session revolves around itself but on the contrary to come away from planet Earth complement the way tracks around the Sun. Planet nibiru is a planet orbiting the Sun in the same path of other planets but beyond where scientists that the planet took to complete the year 4100 circulation one cycle around the Sun, which it completed its last session before the 4100 year and this explains why the extinction of dinosaurs and giant animals before 4100 years ago and the separation of the continents apart (known balanfagaralkbare).
Since the passage of the planet near the Earth the Earth will lose its magnetic and therefore there will be land imbalance resulting in massive earthquakes and floods vast and sudden climatic changes which eliminate 70% of the world population and even complete way and became close to the Sun it will affect ktabitha so there will be tremendous explosions of hydrogen on the surface of lava the Sun resulting in some lava to the surface of the Earth where will lead to environmental disasters.
This explains the confusion of American Government and NASA who after discovery of the damage resulting from the planet nibiru in their claim that they made a mistake when they announced the emergence of another planet added to the solar system but were purely scientific errors. This explains NASA research in the last ten years on a planet similar to Earth where human beings live, and also their excursions down
This explains the climate changes that have occurred in the last ten years of continuous weviadanat earthquakes and volcanoes and proven reduction in temperature and melting icecaps. Here are some published about scientists from various States on this matter:-
-French astronomer (Nostradamus) (1890): as predicted that the planets of the solar system will be troubled by the end of the second Millennium and will cause destruction of life after only 12 years.
-Japanese mathematician (Haedo inakawa 1950): predicted that the planets of the solar system will be organized in a single line behind the Sun-and that this phenomenon will accompany severe climatic changes would end life on Earth by 2012.
-Chinese scientists: beginning of the end of the world will be on Dec 21 2012 where the unknown planet closest point from the Earth in 2014 will reach a point where its impact ends on Earth complement solar path back up again after the 4100 year
* Either the Maya have predicted thousands of years ago by the end of the world 2012/12/21 due to huge planet Earth collision.