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Who owns or wearing pearls with a good income Pearl is a symbol of prosperity, and Pearl live long, you evil and helps development and vitality
Intelligence used Pearl achieved great fame and have reached high rank as a Pearl of wisdom that donated
Photos of natural pearls natural pearls

Physical properties

The best pearls are bright white, with a perfectly spherical round and should be merged and clean Pearl helps you get the information for intelligence strongly should be glossy and silky provide as gifts the spirit of another set of colored pearls like pearls and yellow helps you alazdharalmadi, and rare black pearls and copper Pearl and matte,

Places the emergence of pearls

The best pearls come from India found pearls in Sri Lanka, India and the Persian Gulf, Venezuela, Mexico, Bahrain, the Bay of Bengal

How to learn about pearls

Pearls grow inside oysters and other rare (bamboo, Cobra, oysters, etc) on industrial Pearl available in forms that can be distinguished from real pearls, Pearl is created like the natural Pearl industry which have the same natural conditions where alien material is inserted in the oysters, and glass beads appears in the ending of natural product-like product but the best natural pearls of Pearl imitation pearls sold industrial and also is made from fish scales, but they are not suitable for the purposes for which we use for natural pearls, but Both accepted as the natural Pearl is not available
Pearl is used for medical purposes, one important factor, Henk is that everyone tries to identify gems should note that there are some “errors” are always present in the real gems-existence and non-existence should not be cause for concern, however, as a general rule, should make up any gems in a satisfactory manner, brilliant, pure color and texture good fine, wello’lo’ali in particular alaikn misshapen

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