Treasure map treasure found with metal detector

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Many people realize that somewhere under the ground lie the gold and silver, precious stones. Search for buried treasure in the experienced and novice hunters search engines, each with its own method they use and the experience of others. At present, a great Assistant for them was the metal detector, which gives great opportunities to discover the hidden objects in the ground.

There are hoards of household, that is, money, valuables and weapons stashed backyards, gardens, in General, not very far from home. There is another category-robber CLADES, they are likely buried in the ground, in a forest or field. Many years have passed and those who buried the treasure, is unlikely to have come for their property, but their spirits were circling over the secret places, of irrevocably lost the richness of .

Treasure map treasure found with metal detector

Treasure map treasure found with metal detector

Each inhabitant of the ancient settlement is likely, and the guessing about it, a lot of times passing by places where hidden treasure. Experts know that there are so-called, multilayered treasures, that is such where a fresh treasure buried some more later. excavator bucket pulled out coins of different eras. This suggests that some places have some attractive, almost magical powers, forcing people to hide the treasure here.

Treasure map to conducts systematic, that is, first you need to identify the place where they may be. This is a dig at libraries or archives to explore older cards, mingle with old-timers. Rarely a hidden treasure can be found at random, it needs a fantastic stroke of luck and a fantastic luck.

According to official figures, the eighth of the total mined gold man buried in the ground or resting on the sea floor along with sunken ships with him. the ability to hide treasure, and often forced to worry for citizens acquired goodness. Wealth was hidden from neighbors, powers and enemies, so the treasure map on our territory can be quite successful.

Of course, in our view, treasure hunter has a romantic image associated with exciting adventures and dangers. We have absorbed through books and movies. Today, though, all delivered on a more rational basis and no one under the cover of night is not sent with a shovel and a pick in the cherished place and then not explain the random counter that with coffer went to the forest to pick mushrooms. And hardly anyone will search for treasures, counting the number of steps or waiting until the shadow of the tree points to the place where buried treasure. It’s much easier to buy a metal detector and a quarter of the success you have in your pocket.

Modern metal detector-thing is not cheap, and if you want to really buy a device that is not just beeps on every piece of iron in the soil, you will need to shell out a decent amount. But, as they say themselves search engines, sometimes with pastoral scenes, the cheapest you can find the device’s dream-hunters armed with expensive professional metal detectors.

In addition to such “smart” devices that can detect metals, you can use ground-penetrating radar. However, he is almost like a little treasure-not less than fifty thousand dollars. But it shows on the screen everything is underground, and, for many meters in-depth.

Treasure map treasure found with metal detector Search for coins and treasures in the best start in the early spring, when the snow came down. The most optimal time from mid-April, Hoards and treasure. Video and brochures for treasure hunters. In this article we will talk about finding the buried treasures using metal detectors. In recent years, the employment-search using metal detectors, At all times the most exciting challenge for archaeologists and treasure hunters have been looking for treasures, underground tunnels, bunkers, and any underground, Treasure map here’s the treasure was found in an abandoned house. Photo for Treasure map on any human treasure is buried, only one needs to be able to take the treasure.

where is most treasure found

The location where treasure is most likely to be found depends on various factors, including historical events, human activities, and geological conditions. Here are some types of locations where treasure hunters have historically had success:

Shipwreck Sites:

Underwater shipwrecks can be treasure troves, especially those from historical periods when valuable cargo was transported by sea. Many shipwrecks carry gold, silver, and other precious items.

Old Coin Shooting Sites:

Areas with a long history of human habitation, such as old towns, markets, and trade routes, can yield coins and artifacts from different eras. Look for places with documented historical significance.

Gold Prospecting Areas:

Regions with a history of gold mining may still hold undiscovered gold nuggets. Research old mining sites and pay attention to geological features associated with gold deposits.


Battlefields from historical wars can contain artifacts, weapons, and sometimes buried treasures. However, it’s essential to respect any legal restrictions on metal detecting in these areas.

Old Homesteads and Farmsteads:

Areas where people lived in the past, such as old homesteads and farmsteads, can be productive for finding coins, relics, and items of historical interest.

Ghost Towns:

Abandoned or ghost towns may have been left behind with valuables hidden or lost. Be sure to research the history of the town to identify potential treasure hotspots.

Public Parks and Recreation Areas:

Popular public spaces, parks, and recreational areas are frequented by people, increasing the chances of lost items. Obtain proper permissions before detecting in these locations.

Caches and Buried Treasures:

Stories and legends of buried treasures or hidden caches may lead treasure hunters to specific locations. However, such tales should be approached with skepticism, and thorough research is essential.


Beaches are popular locations for metal detecting, as people often lose jewelry and coins in the sand. Look for areas where beachgoers gather.

Old Wells and Cisterns:

Historical wells and cisterns can sometimes contain hidden items that were discarded or lost over the years.

Mining Camps:

Areas where mining activities occurred in the past can be rich in minerals and may also contain artifacts and valuables.

Watering Holes and Swimming Areas:

Areas where people historically gathered for recreation, such as swimming holes or natural springs, can be productive for metal detecting.

Always check local regulations and obtain necessary permissions before metal detecting in any location. Additionally, respecting the environment and the historical significance of sites is crucial for ethical treasure hunting.

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