Search for coins in the forest with metal detector

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Ancient coins-common monuments of the past. Is their nature is such that a large number of identical copies that were made of strong, durable material, easily spread among people, changed owners, passed from hand to hand. Our time has come down only a small fraction of the mass of the coin, which was in circulation at one time, but it is a pretty large number. Many rare copies stored in museums such as the Hermitage collection consists of over three hundred thousand coins from different periods and countries.

Most of the coin gives a special channel-treasure. It even has a separate theme in folklore and fiction. In many places people have associated burial mounds, settlement, lochs, crossings of roads, forest thicket, with folk legends about treasure supposedly buried there in ancient times. Of course, many of these legends is fiction, but even though the accounting and collection of information about such findings are not consistently aware of the many discovered hoards of ancient coins. The main part is found, by the way, is still unaccounted for, the coins are on the hands of collectors or lost. But, if you believe the experts say, almost ninety percent of the coins, which are now in private hands, the origins are from the so-called “scattered” is hoards.

Search for coins in the forest, field, old buildings, wells, on the ground of the former settlements is a very interesting, fascinating and even creative. Its success, first of all, depends on how well-chosen place and technique-it is a matter of low priority. Of course, it is good if the treasure hunt in the hands of a good metal detector, but also important is luck, or, better still, the coincidence of all these factors. However, luck depends on the Providence, being able to identify places to search comes with time as a result of trial and error. As for the choice of a suitable metal detector, it is only limited by budget and depends on personal preference.

Of course, it would be and to learn something from the inveterate treasure hunters. They rarely carry out searches in the area, their interests may extend to any territory which, in their view, might prove valuable finds. For example, it may be an old forest roads in the thick forest.

The fact of the matter is that according to the logic of the search engines, the road could be anything you want. Wayfarer, if he suddenly became ill, first hid their belongings, fearing a robbery, and then requested assistance. Medicine in those days was not very “Advanced” and the same ill person could die suddenly, and it remained closed as well in the land. Because finding coins in the forest and can be very successful. There is still a lot of smaller tabs and stashed values, so much so that in the labyrinth created the best conditions. sites out there, people there is little.

Searches on such territories to very simple. To determine where the old road. This can be done by Ford in the River, the bridge, the edge. They are called nodes. From them with a metal detector on the way, and be sure to see the scales, coins, and other small things. If in addition to wire and nails over 350 metres, there is nothing, then the host is selected for that paragraph, the search engine-turned the wrong way.

Look for old forest roads in the early spring, when the snow is gone, and the vegetation has not yet appeared. If this long abandoned, it can be identified by growing the bushes, when both terms will be large trees.

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