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Search for gold equipment


On this page, we offer two types of gold search equipment, this product featured large capacity and high efficiency.

Search for gold equipment

1. find equipment gold b Cutter Suction
Equipment search for gold is made up mainly of concrete equipment type cutter suction and equipment for processing gold sluice gate type. Find equipment gold composite type are one type of large advanced equipment to choose cereal in the world.
Production equipment for equipment find gold 100-400m3/h and the recovery rate is 85%-90%.

Equipment search for gold b Cutter Suction use in river, Canal, reservoir, to dig the sand and refilling. It’s powerful and used in rigid Sandy riverbed.

2. search for gold equipment type excavator
Search equipment can be used for gold type gouge in the metal sanding. It is distinguished by high walmtkivih easy operating.

Productivity: 40.100m3/h
Sand content: < 70%
Recovery rate: 60%-80%

This type of search equipment for gold is an application in river, Canal, reservoir and other places where sand digging and refilling with ease.

Search for gold equipment

Search for gold equipment made of steel plate and steel structure.

You can encapsulate the machine or in the container.

Our company manufactures and supplies equipment find gold in China. The main products include ion exchanger, water softener, bulldozer, packing machine three-in-one panning, filling and coverage etc.




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