Simple metal detectors for beginners

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Simple metal detectors for beginners

Most novice searchers who are seriously interested in such a reckless and lucrative hobby as a hobby search with a metal detector certainly do not have the operational experience and the setting of the metal detector . In order to study the instrument and the acquisition of practical skills necessary to get something out of metal detectors for beginners. This is a simple metal detectors in its class at a low price ($ 100 – $ 300 ) have a small set of functions for searching and quite accessible for beginners.

Features and characteristics of simple metal detectors for beginners

Simple metal detectors for beginners have a small set of features when looking for a low sensitivity and are designed to solve simple search tasks . Basically all of them are intended for search and are able to detect all relatively ” shallow ” objects that contain metal.

This metal detectors operating in the dynamic mode, contain several search programs established by the manufacturer . Dynamic mode provides continuous movement of the search coil .

Simple metal detectors for beginners

Simple metal detectors for beginners

The signal arises from the discovery of the coil when moving object, but if it is stopped, the signal disappears. Simple metal detectors do not have the function of the static search mode. For detection purposes using one frequency and the frequency of two times .

Depth of detection of metal detectors for beginners small and depends on the soil , but it can be increased up to 35 cm, equipped with a metal detector when the coil of large diameter. Large coils slightly improve the quality of discrimination, but much worse resistance against interference from extraneous sources of electromagnetic fields ( near power lines and transmission antennas of mobile communication systems ) .

The adjustment of the balance of the soil made ​​by the manufacturer and is automatic , but some metal detectors for beginners does not have the function of the ground balance . When you search on ” difficult ” soil may cause false alarms.

The main differences between simple metal detector from professional – is the quality of discrimination , the depth of detection , the ability to tune from external electromagnetic interference. The absence of enhanced visual identification purposes does not provide a numerical designation VDI conductivity of the metal and the depth of purpose.

Yes , the functionality of metal Starter limited, but they do not require specific skills search operator. The main advantages of devices in this category :

Automatic tuning out from the background soil
Easy -to-understand identification purposes by the sound
Stable scanning of ground
Simple operation and maintenance
Easy and user-friendly setting of the metal detector
reasonable price

Here is a small number of popular metal detectors for beginners:

Garrett ACE 150
Garrett ACE 250

White’s Coinmaster
White’s Coinmaster PRO

Bounty Hunter Quicksilver
Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker

Fisher F2 GWP
Fisher F2

Tesoro Compadre
Tesoro Silver

Teknetics 2000
Teknetics Delta 4000