XP metal detectors – ADX150 metal detector Reviews

XP metal detectors – ADX150 metal detector Reviews In the category Metal Detectors Videos more articles and learn more information about XP metal detectors – ADX150 metal detector Reviews Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

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XP metal detectors - ADX150 metal detector Reviews

XP metal detectors – ADX150 metal detector Reviews

ADX150 XP metal detector is a single detector and powerful-ideal for beginners, has performance and unsurpassed features in its category! 4, frequency 6kz is a metal detector that don’t have to worry about the settings. Powerful, fast, with good discrimination. easy to handle. Includes dish 9 “DD submersible. It has an autonomy with alkaline batteries of 50 hours.

Compatible headphones wireless WS1 and XP WS3 (integrated transmitter).
Double DD 22, 5 cm disc comes with a cover of the dish.
Cable Connection box / strong connection with XP head to heads.
Light and resistant ABS designed to use belt (bag inscluida).
Lightweight and perfectly balanced device.
Resistant polypropylene armrest.
Frequency 4, 6kz.
Movement (all metals discrimination)
Adjustable discrimination
Automatic ground balance
Transmitter for wireless helmets included in electronics
New electronic card much more quickly
Rapid recovery of signal to better detect objects with iron
8 1, 5Volts rechargeable battery or AA alkaline batteries Nimh.

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