Makro Jeohunter-Jeohunter 3D Dual System Reviews

Makro Jeohunter-Jeohunter 3D Dual System Reviews In the category ground penetrating radar more articles and learn more information about Makro Jeohunter-Jeohunter 3D Dual System Reviews Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold.

JEOHUNTER 3D detector deep

Jeohunter 3D and Deephunter 3D of the brand Makro, as well as the king of the brand Nokta Golden, often called to wrong hybrid radars, are not real ground radar, but simple VLF which metal detectors software running with a library of predefined in advance objects has been added. They do not allow a view of the content of the soil. They simply offer a very random guess of the depth of the detected target. With the experience we realize quickly that the software brings no real and valid information, and that there is therefore no use. The depth of this type of device performance are quite low. They do not exceed 2 meters for a metal object of 80 centimeters in diameter, as the VLF metal detectors are very sensitive to the mineralization of the soil.

jeohunter 3d dual system reviews

Jeohunter 3D Dual System is a detector that is produced with the most modern technology and is able to detect metals and cavities in the most advanced way possible. Jeohunter 3D Dual System e scanner, which is classified as internal metal detector checks the targets found under the Earth, dividing them into four groups

jeohunter 3d professional gold metal detector

jeohunter 3d professional gold metal detector A REVOLUTIONARY, GROUND RADAR METAL DETECTOR TECHNOLOGY jeohunter 3d pro is a hybrid detector capable of detecting metals and cavities up to 10 meters. This detector is capable of making the difference between metals by classifying them into 3 categories: ferrous, non-ferrous metals (alloys) and precious metals (gold, silver,

jeohunter 3d dual imaging system metal detector

jeohunter 3d dual imaging system metal detector Jeohunter 3D system dual-detector system, equipped with advanced technology that allows you to find not only metal but also emptiness. This system belongs to the class of the root of detectors and has the ability to distinguish between found objects into four categories: “valuable”, “gold”, “scrap metal”, “Steel”.

JEOHUNTER 3D detector deep – gold metal detectors

JEOHUNTER 3D detector deep JEOHUNTER 3D system dual-detector is the most advanced system in the world, produced according to the latest technology and can detect metal and emptiness. JEOHUNTER 3D system includes a dual class shares the deep detectors and metal objects were found in four groups; -Gold-precious-Metal and steel. In addition to success.

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