Whites XLT Metal Detector

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Whites XLT Metal Detector


Main features of Whites XLT
Equipped with a built-in signal processing, accelerating processor, high-sensitivity metal detector’s White’s Spectrum XLT combines simplicity and high quality settings. Management is carried out by means of five buttons and a trigger handle. Gold Digger is able to select the menu item that corresponds to one of the five built-in programs intended to search for coins, coins and jewelry, the jewelry search at the beach, relics and gold, or to pick up and burn in memory of metal detector to one of four possible custom programs.

Whites XLT Metal Detector



White’s Spectrum XLT metal detector is designed for experienced searchers, as evidenced by the ability to customize the top ten and twenty nine specialized parameters. Information about detected objects is displayed on an illuminated, equipped with liquid crystal display.

Technical characteristics

working frequency, 6.6 kHz
Discrimination scale, segments of 190
Dynamic mode, mixed
The mode of accurate detection (Pin Point) are
Battery life 15 hours
Battery level indicator is
Weight 1.8 kg
There is a sensitivity adjustment
Volume control is
Adjusting the threshold background is
Detection of metal type sound is
The number of programs (including “all metals”) 9
Tuning-out for soil (automatic)
Tuning-out for soil (manual)
Pictogram object has
There is a depth gauge
Sensitivity for the coin 5 copecks, 40 cm
Limited sensitivity,  2 m