Best Metal detectors for forest area

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Forest research is a separate trend in treasure hunting and requires some knowledge, skills and endurance. The forest area, where in the future you can find anything precious, is an overgrown plant space, tree collapses, shrubs, and through which it is difficult to move, next the issue of equipment and the proper choice of equipment in this case is particularly important. In the woods you can find the remaining war artifacts of wars and battles, as well as deserted villages, old roads and old settlements that were present in these places.

Best Metal detectors for forest area

Prepare metal Detector to search in the forest

The multi-frequency metal Detector Minelab E-Trac is one of the most successful search devices suitable for searching in the forest. It is a professional detector for experienced treasure, which has the best discriminator in its segment. To get the best result of search it is necessary to adjust the device correctly and to use possibilities of the detector to the maximum, I for it need experience and thorough knowledge of all subtleties of detector. To start, you can use already ready masks settings that are easy to download on the Internet or exchange with colleagues, and in consequence try to create their own programs that will be optimally suitable for specific conditions.

Another good option-a lightweight and compact metal detector XP Deus from the French manufacturer, which fully works on wireless technology. The device has a very high rate of recovery (response), which has a positive effect on the detection of valuable items on sites with high iron content, which is typical for military archaeology. In the forest will not get confused in its wires, as they are completely absent, and the user would feel absolute freedom when moving, not clinging to branches and bushes. In addition, can not but please the weight of the device, it is about 0.98, Which will allow you to enjoy the search for a longer.

Best Metal detectors for forest area

Ground metal detectors are a good choice for searching in the forest area, as they can detect valuable things even in the most unexpected places. Solid and reliable devices have long deserved a good reputation in the search in difficult conditions and in hard-to-reach places, and high-frequency metal detectors of the company Golden Mask, Golden Mask 5 + allow you to detect the necessary items among other things junk on the sites Any spamminess. A large selection of additional coils allows you to choose the most optimal variant for such conditions, the most preferable small coils of elliptical form with good sensitivity.

It is other brands for metal detectors, which will not fail in difficult circumstances, and Garrett detectors, which are suitable for beginners and experienced. But especially, I would refer to the metal detector Garrett at MAX, which is capable of dealing with any research task, especially in the hands of experienced. This multifunctional device works equally well both on land and under water. Depth of immersion up to three meters. If you plan to search for gold or silver, such a metal detector will be the best choice. The device has a high working frequency of 13.6 khz, as well as improved system of discrimination, adjustment of the soil balance and the option of threshold tone. But the advantages of the device do not end there. Fast response and increased detection depth, without loss of sensitivity.

Conducting searches in the forest is very important to remember about safety, because lost in an unfamiliar terrain is very easy, the more passionately enthusiastic personalities. It is better not to be allowed into forest jungles alone, but to be chosen by the two or the company. Before you leave, you should inform your relatives or friends of the exact location where the search will be conducted, and be sure to have the means of communication. Also, you need to take a first aid kit with anti-insect bites and other first care medications. The outfit must be carefully designed, and the clothes and shoes are light, durable and keeps from bumps and scratches.