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Who is the most successful treasure hunter?

The most successful and notable treasure hunter appears to be Mel Fisher.

The key points about Mel Fisher’s treasure hunting success include:

He came from humble beginnings as a chicken farmer but took up treasure hunting out of a love for adventure, not just for the money.

During his career, he legally salvaged and recovered hundreds of thousands of gold and silver coins, as well as pounds of centuries-old jewelry and gold bars from Spanish shipwrecks off the Florida coast.

His biggest find was the wreck of the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora de Atocha, which sank in 1622 near the Florida Keys.

This discovery made his family millionaires, even after paying 700 investors.

In addition to the Atocha, his company found another valuable galleon ship 100 miles away, making them a major player in Florida’s salvage business.

While he did admit to selling some counterfeit gold coins, his overall treasure hunting career and the scale of his discoveries make him stand out as one of the most successful and notable treasure hunters in history.

So based on the information provided, Mel Fisher emerges as the most successful and renowned treasure hunter highlighted in the search results.

Do treasure hunters still exist?

Yes, treasure hunters still exist today. In various forms and contexts, individuals and groups continue to search for hidden treasures, whether they are historical artifacts, valuable metals, or other sought-after items.

From professional archaeologists and historians to hobbyists and adventurers, the pursuit of uncovering hidden treasures remains a popular and intriguing activity around the world.

Is it possible to be a treasure hunter?

it is possible to be a treasure hunter, but it is not as easy or lucrative as it may seem in movies and fiction. The key points are:

Treasure hunting can be a viable profession, but it requires a lot of work, research, and luck to be successful at it.

The search results indicate that becoming a “profitable or successful Treasure Hunter is harder” than just becoming a treasure hunter.

There are legal and regulatory challenges to treasure hunting, as the ownership and rights to found treasures vary greatly by location and jurisdiction.

The search results mention that “the rules vary depending on the state” in the US, and in some countries, found artifacts must be turned over to the government.

While there are examples of successful treasure hunters like Mel Fisher who made millions, the search results caution that “don’t quit your day job” and that “Indiana Jones treasure hunting was a hobby, his primary profession was a professor.”

The search results suggest that creating a YouTube channel or TV show chronicling one’s treasure hunting adventures may be a more viable path to making a living as a treasure hunter, rather than relying solely on finding valuable treasures.

In summary, the search results indicate that it is possible to be a treasure hunter, but it is a challenging and uncertain profession that requires significant effort, knowledge of the laws, and a bit of luck to be truly successful at it financially.

The risks and legal hurdles make it difficult to rely on treasure hunting as a sole career.

Gold Hunter


Treasure hunter metal detecting black light weight is ideal for student starting! This large display digital detector with depth and object!

Suitable for amateur absolute and universal detector!
Headset including Dutch manual batteries 1 year warranty.

Technical specifications:
Low frequency movement to detect very low frequencies

-Up to 100 Hz 6.6 Khz frequency range search
-Search 3 adjustable digital media:
-1. Mode discrimination
-2. Show status discrimination
-3. Metal search mode all

-First class discrimination
-Digital depth setting (sensitivity)
-Large digital display with depth and object
-Target path and automatic and manual ground balance
-Max. Search depth 1.2 m
-2 x 9 volt battery with low battery indicator, ± 40 hours search
-3.5 mm headset jack
-Height adjustable steel
-Search open water dish 21 cm
-Weight 1380 grams only