Comparison Fisher Gemini 3 and Whites TM 808

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Comparison of metal detectors Fisher Gemini 3 and Whites TM- 808 began with an explanation of what the unit easier to transport. This problem Fisher cope better as the transmitter and receiver are connected by special snaps into a compact “suitcase” , the bar is broken down into three parts. Disassembled it easily fits in a small backpack . And for TM 808 will need a ” packaging ” more because he did not handle removed, and do not understand the scope . You can only remove the frame receiving and transmitting unit elements . Although backpack 50-60 liters for it fits quite well .

Depth of detection purposes , declared by the manufacturer , is 6 meters. Although this figure is likely to receive in the lab examining the response to the so-called “infinitely large ” goal . Under field conditions, the same , i.e. air , he finds car at a distance of not more than 3.5 meters .
When comparing devices for ease of use and comfort of the search preference will be given TM 808. It allows you to search and flat terrain , and on rough , including different levels of soil ( trenches , trenches ) , in the forest zone .

Metal Detector Whites TM- 808 deep metal detectors reviews



Main role is assigned to the case and the hard compound handles and a relatively small length of the apparatus .
This keeps the metal detector at the same distance to the ground , thereby reducing the number of false alarms.

Learning The Fisher Gemini 3 Deep Seeking Detector Review

Because of this, inexperienced searchers appear false signals. To operate the instrument was more stable , we can handle from PVC pipe and fixed to the rod . Although TM 808 eventually begins to sin false signals due to the fact that the connection rod and the frame is not very sturdy . The framework simply bumped any violation of their mutual arrangement gives rise to unreasonable positives.

You can fix this by winding to frame cotton threads impregnated with epoxy resin. But it is better to do with a new metal detector , when the frames are sitting in the bushes are more or less tightly. Furthermore , it is possible to slightly change the switching power supply mechanism . It can be taken to a separate tumbler . Not to break the machine , without the experience of this upgrade it is better not to do. The enclosure has a rubber band , which is designed to prevent pulling the headphones out of the socket when searching the bushy terrain.

Tm 808 Usage Review

Whites TM- 808 is powered by six batteries , and Fisher Gemini 3 of 16 , 8 of which are in the receiving unit , and 8 – at the transmitter . From the point of view of economy takes precedence TM . Figured out how to work the maximum battery life, but that they will last for 8-10 hours of searching , no doubt .

If we talk about the settings , they are quite detailed in the User’s Guide. But there are some nuances of which need to be discussed separately.
The instructions to the Whites TM- 808 indicated that the need to translate all of the controls in the segment of ” Normal ” dial to “auto” and then you can work.
Of course, in this setting, the unit will operate normally , but the depth of the search , he will not differ from normal soil metal detectors. Experiment by a scheme setting. First lever locked soil should be exposed to ” no- car ” , the balance of the signal and ground – in the ” Normal ” . THRESHOLD lever rotates counter-clockwise until it stops. Then you need to turn on the machine and press the button on the handle , which is useful if you search for ” echo signal “. If you change the height of the soil does not need to configure anything , enough to click this button . After it is necessary to raise the unit above the ground at 20 cm, adjust the balance of the soil. Find the position controller , wherein the background signal is reduced .

Likewise adjusted balance audio response . It is necessary to find the position where the signal is attenuated , but not lost. The benchmark performs a dial indicator , and the arrow at the right of setting up is to look at zero.

The settings can be checked as follows: raise the detector at 80 cm above the ground. Thus there should not appear signals. If it is, gradually rotate the balance of the soil until the signal disappears . Keep in mind that at the time of setting up the device within 4 meters around there can be no metal objects . This is very important , so clean away the keys , phone and even belt with a metal buckle.

Search best carried out in the ” cars but ” more depth search. “Auto” mode is used when you need to find the center of the goal. To do this,  toggle switch and push the button on the handle. The strongest beep corresponds to the center of the object under the front bezel .

However, consistent use of this mode is not worth it, because it has a direct relation to the balance of the soil. And if within the “visibility” of the metal detector will be metal objects , it will detect them as an increase in salinity and start automatic tuning them , and this will negatively affect the sensitivity. In this case you need to re-translate the toggle mode ” but cars ” and press the button on the handle.

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To configure Fisher Gemini 3 , you must set the sensitivity level “7” . Transmitter and receiver include and metal put on the ground . Rotate the adjusting screw , you need to determine the point where the signal disappears.

After that you should raise the detector working height adjustment wine find a moment of signal attenuation , and then take a few steps . Sound should disappear. Now the most important step : changing the position of the adjusting screw comes to ensuring that when moving the appliance produces barely audible sounds false , not falling down while on a strange sound . Only this setting can provide maximum sensitivity.

To accurately determine the sensitivity of the center of the object should be at the “3” to carry out the detuning need adjusting screws. Thereafter, the maximum volume of the subject is under the front element of your search.
It can be concluded that both of these metal detectors are pretty easy to setup , while working quite stable, which is very important for beginners in the search.

So choose one particular model is quite difficult. If you need the greatest possible depth of the search , the easiest way to carry out the settings on Fisher Gemini 3, but Whites TM- 808 will operate stably.
Both the detector can detect objects of medium size ( like helmets ) on a four-foot depth. In general, searching devices show similar results . In general, the devices show similar results . Whites TM- 808 characterized by greater sensitivity to small targets .

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Whites TM 808 metal detector deep search for large items at great depths metal tubes, barrels, chests, equipment, treasures, relics, etc. whites tm 808 Metal detector is a specialized model and is designed to search for items on the great depth. It is designed as two boxes, which are connected among themselves.

Comparison Fisher Gemini 3 and Whites TM 808

Comparison of metal detectors Fisher Gemini 3 and Whites TM- 808 began with an explanation of what the unit easier to transport. This problem Fisher cope better as the transmitter and receiver are connected by special snaps into a compact “suitcase” , the bar is broken down into three parts. Disassembled it easily fits

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whites tm 808 metal detector review   whites tm 808 -description   Metal detector whites tm 808 . The appointment of the detector, deep search. Special metal detector to search at depths measured by meters. whites tm 808 can be applied both to find the localized big finds, and for tracing deep Metal pipes, cables.

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Metal detector Whites TM 808   Main features of Whites TM 808   “White’s TM808 metal detector deep is considered a legend of deep search. This appliance is equipped with two search boxes, and allows you to work with large metal objects or cores on depth up to four meters. Inappropriate use of marshlands

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Whites TM- 808 Metal Detector has a rather unusual structure , which differs from the already familiar ground models. Standard search coils are missing, replace them at a bar device attached two metal frames that are essential for transmitting and receiving signals. The LCD screen on it is also missing ,

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The legendary White’s TM808 metal detector deep enables you to search for metal objects ranging in size from 10 cm. at depths of up to 3 meters. It allows you to look into the depths of the Earth, where the usual ground detector “not finished”. Perfect for finding military artifacts and treasures. Parting is adjusts the threshold tone. This allows you to easily explore large areas of terrain. Applied industrial localization of metal objects.

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White Electronics is one of the leader in manufacturing of metal detectors for hobby and security for almost 50 years. White metal detector with an integrated set of security metal detectors and metal detector enthusiast hobby. Coinmasters white can offer much, but how does it measure up against the best general purpose metal detectors

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how to know deep of target by tm 808  – Deep metal detector TM 808 Whites – designed to search for metals at great depths. However, he ignores the surface debris . With deep metal detector TM 808 You can search at depths of up to 4 -6m . The device operates at a low