correction gold prices sparked unprecedented interest investing precious metals

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The correction in gold prices sparked unprecedented interest in investing in precious metals – Recent steep and rapid decline in gold prices sparked a wave of interest in gold investment . This is confirmed by reports from around the world and from all reputable foundries . In this situation, showed how far apart are the worlds of paper and physical investments .

Sales that occurred , and after which the price of gold fell only related paper market. Many people do not realize that the exchanges are traded contracts labeled ” gold” , and while many of them are not covered by physical metal. On the other hand , investors in the real , physical gold is interested strictly physical delivery of the metal. They realize the benefits of investment just in physical form .

correction gold prices sparked unprecedented interest investing precious metals Gold, silver , palladium and platinum - to buy more profitable


The price of gold in the market has declined, but still and queues

Both markets have been preserved quite differently. While everyone sold on exchanges and pushing prices down , investors have taken a real metal foundries attack. In Hong Kong, Japan or Swiss bank UBS have been reported long queues of applicants for physical metal.

Especially in Japan this year is enormous interest in gold , because local investors are well aware that gold plays the role of a store of value . In the autumn of 2012 began in Japan targeted currency depreciation . As a result of several waves of quantitative easing just half a year fell by more than 20 %. The Japanese realized that the devaluation of their currency devalues ​​their savings , and therefore try to get rid of excess money and exchange it for gold.

Current market situation of physical gold

Around the world , approximately a four-fold increase in the volume of gold sold . U.S. National Mint reported the largest volumes sold golden eagles since December 2009. There is a supply disruption of some coins and bullion investment . For example, Australian Mint The Perth Mint reported outages at Kangaroo gold coins and ingots weighing one ounce . Also, a number of silver coins is currently unavailable .

Similarly, on the other world foundries . In almost all cases, to extend the delivery dates , in some cases, joined the foundry to increase the prices of physical bullion or coins and increasing premiums .

Demand for physical gold just jumped heavily abroad . I of our statistics show that in the second half of April , the said price correction , increased volume sold metals even fold. In a monthly statement with a threefold increase in volume sold metal within the savings plans , the volume of sales of metals and orders almost four times.

Economic risk has not gone away

Investors in my opinion are well aware of the situation on the financial markets and know that gold belongs to the portfolio as a unique store of value . It also fulfills the role of insurance in the event of a collapse of the financial markets. Constantly growing national debt will not be painless solution and is likely to face high inflation and other problems in the economy. In all these cases, the gold will play a crucial role.

For investors in physical gold has not changed. Before correction after correction still own the same number of ounces of gold. Its price in the short term the stock market has declined, but those who prefer physical metal from a paper investment , the only advantage to buying .