Detector gold LAND CRAFT

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Detector gold LAND CRAFT

Detector gold LAND CRAFT

Detector gold LAND CRAFT

It is a LCD display pulse induction metal detector. Shows graphic and numeric the level of signal strength and also parameters of the discrimination and the condition of the equipment while operating, as for example the temperature of the battery. It is not necessary to find places for rent metal detectors, since our prices are very competitive, and furthermore only put on sale new metal detectors and last generation as it is the case of the Land Craft.
Main features.
Microprocessor controlled, which ensures stable on any kind of ground operation.
Automatic soil, noise elimination balance.
Two numeric ID values that indicate non-ferrous properties and magnetism of detected objects.
Discrimination for normal soil and 8 modes, auto discrimination for soils highly mineralized, with auto adaptation capacity and accept / reject certain metallic objects.
Ability to completely eliminate the effect of highly mineralized soils and archive that information for the future.
Unique ability to find non-ferrous objects that are in the middle of iron or metal trash objects.
Ability to eliminate fully unwanted objects, that these are not already detected.
It is capable of working within buildings and close to high voltage cables, because filters by full 60 Hz signal.
NiMH battery with up to 12 hours of continuous work.
Compatible with boxes of different sizes.