White’s Coinmaster metal detector Reviews

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White´s CoinMaster metal detector has five levels of discrimination to You can choose which targets search. The identification of objective indicates the depth to where the object is located. In ‘All Metal’ mode you will be able to detect all kinds of metal.

This detector control box is sturdy and submersible. Weighs 680 grams, uses two batteries 9V alkaline and has a low battery indicator. The head is also water resistant.

White´s CoinMaster metal detector features:

Indicates the depth of the detected object: once we have detected a target, the
display shows the depth to which we have to dig.
Display showing the detected object type.
5 ranges of discrimination: you can hear and see everything, or just the objectives that we have
Adjustable sensitivity that maximizes the depth of detection in different cases.
PinPoint / all Metal mode
Waterproof 9-inch (23 cm) spider coil.
Warning low battery operated two 9 volt batteries

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